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How did you meet your husband?
I met the old fart that I lovingly call my husband (sometimes) in the Philippines back in 1975... He's been stalking me since then.... I finally gave up and married him in 2012 - just to get him to stop stalking me !!!.... Apparently even being married to him didn't deter his constant stalking,,,, cause now he's never more than a few feet away from me 24 hours a day!!!!


We Have Elvis !!

Met a long time ago on a nude beach and still liked each other with our clothes on.

Being gay is not for Sissies.

When we first met it is one of those truth is stranger than fiction things and I will leave it at that. When we met physically though it was in a bar and he was violating my space Angry (in my opinion) but he also made me shake which never happened until I met him. I am rotten with dates though so I am guessing we have been with each other for 33 - or maybe 34 years? I start counting on my fingers and I get confused LOL 

We have been actually married a couple years now though I always considered him my husband anyway. 

He is and always has been definitely the guy for me.
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