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Does something like a silicone rag exist (for lube)
I have this thought of a rag where you can apply lube to it and then apply the lube to your toy, or whatever needed. This would allow your hands to stay dry and non-sticky. Either when I'm by myself or with my bf, I hate having lube hands. Is there a simple way around this. I think a normal rag would absorb too much of the lube to be efficient.

Hi there Smile

Ok, so i just had a quick google and on popular online stores they sell "Lube Applicators"

its not so much of a rag, but more of a syringe looking thing.

Maybe worth a look?

Just type "Lube Applicator" into google.

And if this isn't what you're looking for and you cannot find it anywhere else, you may have just invented something worth producing Big Grin 

Rich pickings in the sex toy market too Wink

bit basic but how about these?

OK Arts and Crafts time!

Get a decent sized ziploc--say 1 gallon size--and a piece of waxed paper about 18 inches long. Slather the waxed paper with lots of lube and put it in the bag.

For use, open the bag, apply as necessary and put the waxed paper back in the open bag within reach. When finished with playtime simply seal the bag and set aside for later use. Replenish as necessary.

Note: This product SLIPPERY SATCHEL is brandmarked by FunTime Products which wishes you a happy day!
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