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Would you date a fat person?
In general I'd say no I wouldn't (& I picked 'no' for the poll).
but it would depend on the person, and how fat.

Either way you look at it, fat or obese people nothing for me. I'm a very slight person and I am attracted to only slight people, and by that I mean I am not the slightest bit attracted to well built muscley guys either.

So I'm not attracted to 'big' guys which covers all builds I don't like.

Ctep Wrote:Would you date a fat person?

Nope. Though it would be helpful if you described what "fat" is in this context.

I think that big boned people are so cute :3 .

I would date a person who is large (I don't wanna say fat, cause it sounds mean Sad ) and not because I'm trying to be nice.

All people are people, big/skinny w/e and I would date them :3.

I'm genetically predispositioned to being skinny, because my body type is Ectomorphic. Somatotype-Body types

So just like I'm genetically meant to be skinny, they are genetically predisposed to gaining weight and I cannot dislike them for being who they are. I can help them to lose weight and become thinner if they want, but if they're happy, I can't change that.

I wouldn't be with someone who chooses to be morbidly obese, because that's something that can be controlled and it's not very healthy. I would still try to help them lose weight (Infact I helped my friend who was almost 330lbs at 16 and now he's 200lbs, which is pretty ok), but if they refuse it, I also can't change that, so I would unfortunately have to leave them, but not before trying my best to help them.


I am not the thinnest man on the planet but I don't consider my self fat. But I don't see my self with a fat guy. Sorry.

Well, as said before it would be better if the term "fat" we're better defined, but if I met someone and I thought to myself "wow, he is fat" then no, I wouldn't date him. I am into muscly guys though:biggrin:

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