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Blimey East, I really hope you continue to recover and feel better soon, it sounds like you have it pretty nasty Sad. Sending you well wishes.
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Hi Everyone, This is East's husband Dave,  I am taking care of his best I can.  He is yet very weak.  He is very gratefull for all your good wishes . It really cheers him up to hear from all of you.  Hopefully he can get back to typing soon but lost the use of his left hand.  Again, thanks for all of your messages it really cheers him up.
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thank you for keeping us updated, Dave, and thank you for taking care of East.

Sending you both love, hugs and strength.
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(08-03-2020, 11:47 PM)CellarDweller Wrote: thank you for keeping us updated, Dave, and thank you for taking care of East.

Sending you both love, hugs and strength.

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Thanks Dave @eastofeden and same message from me as Chuck. (and Bernd)
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Thanks for keeping us updated Dave. We are all rooting for him and wishing him a speedy recovery!

Bighug to you both x
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That's awful. I hope you get well very soon !
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sending my best wishes and hope you get well soon East , its a long road ahead but you will make it - i had a work mate on a ventilator at the start when it got to the UK , hes getting stronger daily and he put a recent picture with him and family on our monthly company review for all employees , there's light at the end of it all....ive seen it it in my friend , let your husband look after you and come back when your feeling stronger buddy
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I hope you get better soon East! I hope you are getting the care you need to beat this.
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Hi guys! have been real anxious to type again normally and i want to give you some advice - please do whatever you can to avoid this. Listen to the Doctors and take all the precautions they recommend.

I did't even know you could be this sick - very humbling and kinda scary too. For me the worst thing is the mental confusion and inability to find words and no concentration - I don't like it at all and I must admit this frightens me the most - they say it passes but so far not happening. It is also hard to stand without shaking and losing my breath. I have decided that for the time being i will let Dave be my hero (and he is a good one) and I just hold on to him to get from point a to point b. The dehydration is horrible and it is difficult to re-hydrate.

^^^^^^^^^sorry - no more energy but will finish later.
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