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What a waste!
Gareth125 Wrote:... this woman was flirting with me all night long ...
That is so funny! Many times after chatting to a woman I've been told by someone that the woman could not have tried harder to make her interest more obvious. I am always embarrassed and amused by this kind of revelation, because I was seriously only chatting to a stranger out of politeness and interest and did not notice any subtext at all. Still, I suppose my ex would attest how unattuned to women I am at such times. :redface:

I don't think there is anything mean spirited behind that, I just think that she is attracted to that man and when she realizes that he is gay then she is like all upset and bummed out and then says what a waste because she is diaspointed that she doesn't have a shot. Just like when they always say all the good ones are gay. I just think its funny and never take offense to it.

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