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Storm in a cup cake?
Do you like cup cakes? If so, you might want to give Just Cookies in Indianapolis a miss, depending on which version of the story you believe. I don't get how a mature democracy can continue to sustain such prejudice. One can only hope that Mr Stockton's two young impressionable daughters grow up to be a bit more considerate than their father.

The Provision of Goods and Services legislation was something I believe Labour did get right when in government over here.

Homophobic Bakery: Local bakery refuses to make rainbow cupcakes for gay customer - fox59.com

Like a comment on the site said:

They should change the store's name from "Just Cookies" to "Just Hateful".
If by chance I pass by Indianapolis, I will for sure pass by that store to tell people not to buy hatred from their store.


....uhhh ... wait a minute, are those students luring people into becoming homos with baked goods? Dammit, I should have held out for the cupcakes, all I got was M&Ms

Just ridiculess.:mad:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

"a lot of noise for a bit of wool" said the woman who shaved her pig.°
Astrid Lindgren

Apparently he also believes that rainbow colours on cup cakes or cookies is obscene, and he has a duty to protect his daughters from obscenities. If one of his daughters become gay will he try and sue the student group, the Indiana University-Purdue University or the organisers of the National Coming Out Day event.

That maybe one of the silliest acts a bigotry I have ever heard.

Anyone else suddenly have a carving for rainbow bake goods.:tongue:

ASDA have rainbow coloured ring doughnuts on special offer right now at your local store.

Rychard the Lionheart Wrote:... rainbow coloured ring doughnuts ...
I'm on my way Wink

Hold on there. Rainbow coloured donuts, that really is obscene!

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