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Comic books
I like comics, but I mostly just read comics from Marvel's Ultimate universe. Ultimate Spider-Man has to be my favorite followed by Ultimate Fantastic Four.

I finished Shadowland today:biggrin:
[Image: 91_SHADOWLAND_5.jpg]

I also picked up a ThunderBolts vs Avengers on a whim, I think i found one of my new favourite characters. His name is Ghost and he's freaking cool beans man, he can phase shift threw solid objects (like x-men’s shadow cat) an turn invisible and he’s also a super hacker. I think I’m going to be picking up more thunderbolts cause the next issue is called Ghost Stories which sounds cool.
Ghost is a badass little dude.
[Image: Wezqu--Ghost_Head.jpg]

I have also been reading Scarlet, it's a good monthly about a girl who gets shot by a corrupt cop and lived, she than to decides to rage against the corrupt machine by killing everyone who was involved in trying to kill her....oh yeah her BF got shot to he died.
[Image: scarlet3-1.jpg]

Whoa that is the most bad ass picture I've seen of Ghost Rider. That's Ghost Rider, right?

today I picked up
Black Panther Man Without Fear ( this is coming off the heels of Shadowland with DareDevil gone Black Panther is picking up his beat)

Ultimate Doom Issue #1 ( Not sure whats going on here but it had sweet cover art)

ThunderBolts #151 A Ghost Story ( I think is going to be Ghost's Origin story which should be cool sense Ghost in my new fav.

the last comic i picked up last month was astro boy his old school comics

the last comic book i picked up was Metal men 9 in 1975

just picked up the two most recent dark tower collections (comic "books")

I first look at Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

[Image: andrew_garfield-spiderman.jpg]

Spidey is looking good.

Yes he is looking good and he looks good too.

Can't wait to see more pictures of the new spidey .

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