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Comic books
ack! so much Marvel and DC... let's see some indie stuff guys, I know you've got it Wink

I'm very much into Marvel comics and especially the X-books. Other than that I lovelovelove The Walking Dead and I still reread my Y: The Last Man tpb's every now and then.


First order of bussiness Im putting it out there that while I do not religiously follow Batman I think that HUSH (the original serial) is one of the more amzing story arcs I have read for a hero comic.

I would also like to ask the doubtfull question as to wether or not anyone but me has heard of the New england based indie comic called Distracula?

Sil Wrote:ack! so much Marvel and DC... let's see some indie stuff guys, I know you've got it Wink

I actually don't have that many indie books, my collection is like
80% Marvel, 10% DC/Vertigo and rest i kind of smattering of whatever.

But I would recommend Johnathan Hickman's The Night News and Pax Romana.

The Night News is about these a group of cult media assassins and basically how corrupt America is.

Pax Romana is this very high concept graphic novel about the Catholic Church building this army of like 5000 men than sending the arm back in time in the attempt to take control of the world and build a "perfect society"

I think my favourite graphic novels are Bechdel's Fun Home and Craig Thompson's Blankets. I also really like Osamu Tezuka's Buddha series.

I follow The Walking Dead too.

Tom Hardy has Bane Bitch!!!!

[Image: darkknightrises-firstlook-bane-full.jpg]

Someone is getting there back broke.

i used to read the beano as a kid lol


Yeah I know....Wow

Ugh.....I'm getting so far behind in my reading, what really sucks very week I add 7 to 10 books to pile and read like 3. It's a vicious cycle my friends a vicious cycle.
[Image: IMG00022-20110925-1551-1.jpg]

In my teens I very much liked anything by Neil Gaiman and I also got into The Invisibles for awhile. I tried other comics but I just couldn't get into them.

Save MAD magazine. I'm still a fan of that.

And I got to like Dilbert and Calvin & Hobbes that I found at the library.

Oh, yes, I liked Nodwick and some other D&D based comic (I can't remember the name but there's a chaotic evil halfling in it). Oh, yes, I liked Phil & Dixie, too. I also got several issues of Xxxenophile, a pornographic comic (same author as Phil & Dixie, IIRC) though I personally find it more amusing than erotic.

Fave webcomix include Charby the Vampirate, Better Days,The Many Moons of ASTRA, Something Positive, Sinfest, and Venus Envy. But I haven't looked at any webcomics in awhile.

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