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Have you ever felt Asian guy attractive?
conechvn Wrote:but he acted like he did not see it at all. It just made me sad for no reason and started thinking about nonsense stuff. I was considered as good looking or at least cute in Asian community back home but it seems like white/Hispanic/black guys do not think so because no one has had a crush with me for the past 2 years Sad Maybe I am not as tall as some white guys and not that much muscle ( but I am getting there, swear that I had to work my ass out for that) but how 's about cute Sad(

Therefore, I am so doubting about the chance of getting a soul mate in the US Cry I want to hear your opinion to see if I still have any hope.

That he don´t react means nothing .... like I said sometimes before ... I don´t see if someone is flirting with me... if he is not holding up a sign wich shows what he want with many pictures. Normally I´m sensitive ... but in this cases I react exactly so impulsive like 5 meter street.
And don´t set yourself under pressure ... Mostly Mr. Right arrives if you don´t watch out for him....

One of the hottest lovers I ever had was a 1/2 Japanese/1/2 Indian guy who was 6'4" and an International banker and sometimes model for alot of different publications including GQ...thanks for the memories! LOL...OK what was the question?:biggrin:

Asians....attractive? Of course..depends on the person just like any other race. Chemistry is the thing for me and I would imagine for alot of other peopleso I wouldn't worry too much if the connection isn't there with any single person.

joshyboi Wrote:(I feel that Hitler did have good taste in guy)

I'm sorry? Hitler? What!?


Yeah, I like Asian guys!Xyxthumbs

I actually have a thing for Asians. :tongue:
That same guy I was hopelessly in love with was an asian. LOL
But yeah, I find Asians attractive.

Vigilias Wrote:I'm sorry? Hitler? What!?


Yeah, I like Asian guys!Xyxthumbs

Blond hair, blue eyes. these traits are what hitler like and me to. So he has good taste in guys.

joshyboi Wrote:Blond hair, blue eyes. these traits are what hitler like and me to. So he has good taste in guys.

...except if they were gay they wore a pink triangle in the concentration camps and were put to death.

conechvn Wrote:Thank you so much for voting! Kind of boost my self esteem a lot. I am kind of having trouble with finding friends. I have tried craiglist but all I have seen is "looking for someone to f***, send me stats and pics" . Don't see anyone who is looking for a soul over there. Sad Probably, I will just try to look for some one in class, maybe easier. Any tips in gaydar?

Maybe you should try to find free gay contact services on the net for your country or area like we have in Germany, they have different categories ... like sex, fetish .. and friends only. Wrote a add and wrote that you really only want to look for new friends and that you are not interested in sex.... you don´t get many answers but friends should be counted by quality not quantity.

Asia guys are pretty and cute, They have silk black hair and smooth skin, When they smile just make people wanna to talk to them。。

Just trust youself, you will find a lover who love you so much.

Man, Asian men are absolutely perfect. However I am more attracted to the Japanese! WOW! Talk about eugenics! Hitler, had the wrong genetic traits when he wanted his perfect ideal. LoL. But, there are tons of blue eyed, blond hair perfections out there as well, but to each his own.

Yes absolutely I've seen quite a few.


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