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Have you ever felt Asian guy attractive?

Yes indeed I have seen a cute Asian guy. Definitely!


Asians are very cute :]

I think that asians are cute but I am not attracted to them. Just like I am not attracted to dark people. I'm mostly attracted to blonde, blue eyed boys. I also don't like my men too muscular. I like em to have nice abs. I also am full in love with Mitch Hewer. (look him up)
(I feel that Hitler did have good taste in guy)

Of course!

(That's a response to the leading question, not a comment on the message above).

Most definitely!!!!!!!!

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conechvn Wrote:Just doubt about myself lately so I make this poll to find the answer.
The story behinds that is:
Today, I went to a meeting and there was a guy who I felt like he was gay. So I tried to flirt with him a little bit to check it out just for fun :biggrin: but he acted like he did not see it at all. It just made me sad for no reason and started thinking about nonsense stuff. I was considered as good looking or at least cute in Asian community back home but it seems like white/Hispanic/black guys do not think so because no one has had a crush with me for the past 2 years Sad Maybe I am not as tall as some white guys and not that much muscle ( but I am getting there, swear that I had to work my ass out for that) but how 's about cute Sad(

Therefore, I am so doubting about the chance of getting a soul mate in the US Cry I want to hear your opinion to see if I still have any hope.

What a coincidence, white/Hispanic/black guys by the hundreds aren't getting a crush on me either (the fools). Not everyone is going to fall in love with you. You're trying to rush things (and that can be off putting...just saying). There is a gay community there at A&M and College Station, and if that well runs dry then Houston is just down the road (and there is a huge SE Asian community here). Give it some time, you're cuteness won't fade that fast!


What nonsense is being played in that head of yours? Try not to worry yourself into a depression. You'll find someone.

woot absolutely!!

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