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The Beatles or The Beach Boys
Oh, the Beatles hands down. The Beatles are the greatest, most influential band in history. The Beach Boys did some interesting stuff, but nothing like the Beatles.

Grew up on the Beatles. Cannot Stand the Beach Boys.


The Beach Boys had Pet Sounds and Smile, two of the greatest achievements in the history of pop music. Brian Wilson was definitely too brilliant for his own good, and in the end he collapsed under the weight of his most ambition project.

The Beatles' early stuff was great tight pop. Most of everything from Rubber Soul onward was pop genius piled on more genius coupled with a creative and innovative streak unmatched since, culminating in Revolver and Sgt. Pepper, which surpass even Pet Sounds and Smile, no paltry feat.

The Beatles win, but that's not to say the Beach Boys at their best weren't seminal. Whoever voted for the Beach Boys could potentially argue for them, since Pet Sounds preceded the Beatles' best works.

Oh pet sounds is one of the most BORING albums i've heard. do not get it at all.:confused:


OH! 2 people have voted for the Beach Boys. LOL!

I think there's basically one and only one good song off that album, Mick. It's Good Vibrations. It's on that album, right? Yeah, it is.

Well Good Vibrations wasn't on Pet Sounds, but it was released during that period. Pet Sounds, Oh Pet sounds.....how much am I bored by thee. lol. I'm sorry I just cannot back this album. I keep trying too. I've listened to it more times then I can count. Hoping to discover the magic. Each time I say.....WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS? lol. Yea give me Sgt. Pepper any day over Brian Wilson stroking himselfRolleyes Not to say one shouldn't stroke themselves. Musicians have stroked themselves with great results. examples. Lindsey Buckingham.....Tusk. Roger waters.....Amused to death. Any Peter Gabriel Album. to summerize..Mick.....Pet Sounds....Drivel. Ok I'll shut up. hee hee.


I think we all should set aside some time to drop some acid and listen to some of Brian Wilson stroking himself. That'll do the trick for yin's. Wink

They just did so much interesting stuff on that record production-wise, melodically, and harmonically. But if you've ever heard Brian Wilson's 2004 release of Smile, that one's even more ambitious and much more exciting I think. You spend the whole record wondering how he could have ever hoped to release that as a pop record in 1967.


Beach Boys : any day!

Beatles : no thanks...

72jay Wrote:
Beach Boys : any day!

Beatles : no thanks...

Wow, looks like you and my mom would agree. She's not into the Beatles. AND she only likes one song by 'em anyway.

@Cutieboy - She's got good taste there LOL

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