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The Beatles or The Beach Boys
This is an interesting matchup. They were both musical juggernauts 45 years ago. Of course, I chose The Beatles. The Beach Boys have some good songs. The Beatles have some good albums.

Ooooooh that's a difficult choice, but I think for sheer originality, I'll also go with the Beatles... I think they're the ones who changed their music the most... and tried all sorts of different styles.

No contest IMO...definitely The Beatles.....The Beach Boys (and the Bee Gees) make my ears bleed...really dislike their music alot.

I figured The Beatles would win. I know that this band had a friendly rivalry in the 1960's. Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys was impressed by one Beatles album and he tried to make an album that sounded like that one and one of the most famous songs off that Beach Boys album is Good Vibrations.

The Beatles FTW!!

beach boys - they have a crazy one in brian wilson so im supporting them,,, the musics good too

No one has voted for The Beach Boys. I have a feeling if you put any band against The Beatles, The Beatles will always win.

The Beatles had four VERY creative people and Ringo. The Beach Boys had Brian Wilson. After the Mersey period, every Beatles single was different from the previous one. The Beach Boys did not have a George Martin as co-conspirator, but many of Brian Wilson's songs broke new ground. I remember being absolutely stunned by Heroes and Villains when it came out ... even if we did have to wait a couple of years for it. But overall ... The Beatles for sheer breadth, variety and energy.

Actually that is a little unfair on Ringo. He may not have been the composer that John, Paul or George may have been or the producer that George Martin was, but he actually redefined pop music drumming.

It has to be The Beatles, even after the break up they all had solo careers in pop music. Many artists have recorded covered versions of Beatles songs.

At first, when I read the thread I thought it was about The Beatles vs beach boys ( literally ). Then the beach boys ( shirtless, muscle, tan...) definitely win. However, if it 's about music, Beatles is unbeatable Big Grin

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