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Spirit Day Oct.20th
I just found is facebook page.

Log in | Facebook

I don't own any purple but i'm sure i can figure something out.

Not everyone (contrary to popular belief Tongue) has a Facebook. So I found a link that anyone can check out. hcmorethanmusic: Activism - Spirit Day, October 20

It's really sad that those 7 guys did that. They all had potential and they were the future. I have no purple... I have to buy a purple shirt then. You should buy purple as well.

Really but it`s facebook...... David Fincher made it into a movie

Yeah, I had an account and I'm thinking about reactivating it after November 19. Why? It's because I go to a concert on the 19th of November and I'm gonna be tagged in photos. Yeah, it's a bogus excuse for going back, I know.

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