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Silly rule in this forum
Sorry to start this but I recently received a private message which I tried to respond to but I couldn't because my forum posts are below 10. I think this rule is crazy and should be scrapped because it now means I have to spam other threads just to make up the number.
What do you think about this?

It's not silly. Inconvenient maybe. You could do what happened to me recently and ask Andy to pass on your reply until you get up to the required number of posts.

I think you will find that the rule is in place to avoid accounts being created for the purpose of spamming people by private message. Yes it may be inconvenient but its only 10 posts! You dont have to spam threads to make up your post count to 10 - you can try contributing to threads as thats what this place is all about Confusedmile:

I like that rule. I hate getting unwanted PMs from n00bs. It has happened to me on a few forums in the past. It is quite annoying.

It also promotes more activty as it gives you a reason to post more to gain better privledges

Perhaps I was a little bit hasty to open up this thread and as some of you have pointed out there are benefits to blocking the pm feature until a reasonable contribution to the forum is made. Confusedmile:

Ah no worries, we all get frustrated at times! We are glad of your contributions though Confusedmile:

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