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How long and often do you sleep? My sleep schedule is so messed up. It all started when I ended up just not sleeping at all in order to finish a school project, as soon as I came home (3:30ish?) the next day I ended up falling asleep and as a result of that I was strictly nocturnal for about a month. It was terrible being sleepy when you're not supposed to be. I remember falling asleep in class and not realizing it, it was so embarrassing.

I couldn't sleep on the last day of vacation and I messed it up again, it was only last Friday did I get a good sleep (maybe too good, 18 hours? :eekSmile. Now I take a nap everyday because I get always sleepy around 3PM. I don't know if it's healthy...

As for length, I've always been a heavy sleeper. If I don't set my alarm I will always sleep for at least 12 hours.

So, how are your sleeping habits everyone?
This topic was meant to just ask about your sleep length but I started rambling again, dammit Tim. In other news, my hundredth post!

I sleep 8-9 hours a day...I used to sleep more before I started to work out again and now I have more energy and sleep less and am no longer tired in the daytime or evening.

Really eratic.
12 to 17 hours a day, with loads of nightmares creating gaps of me trying to sleep.:frown: So its more like 12 to 17 hours IN bed, 6-9 hours sleep.

My wake hours changing daily.
Been 3PM till 2AM lately.

Tired 80% of the time.

Lucky i don't go to college or work yet huh......:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Maybe that's my problem? I don't really do anything daily, I run occasionally and that's about it. I really need to fix this constant tiredness so I guess I'll start... running more? lol Maybe I'll use the exercise bike more often.

hey hey tux, wattup, u close to QPSavannah? every evening there are loads of ppl so its pretty safe to go running there. maybeee i might run into u =] hrmmmmm Rolleyes

Wasn't there an attempted rape there the other day? =\
My living situation's... complicated, I actually live Chaguanas now. (I should probably change that)

=\ sorry to hear that... guess it's exercise bike ftw.

as for attempted rape..... Confused my bad

FTW! Although it hurts my butt when I sit down on it for too long. Sad

And LOL no problem! I only found out the other day on that Rachel Price talk show and she said it in the most hilarious way... but I felt bad for laughing afterward. =\

ayeee rachel price wayyyyyy longgg time!!! she hasn't had anything new for months tho? i thought the last thing she did was back with calder hart etc.

and yeah, i got a cycle home as well, pressure after an hour indeedy. i just got my hands on a bioforce so hopefully me gets myself some good biceps and pecs soon rofl

I only find out she had a morning talk show cause I was traveling early in the morning. She's rel kicks! lmao

My family always threatening to buy one of those and up to now we don't have one, sigh.

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