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Yeah, that was pretty much an awesome introduction lol...welcome!! :]]

TimmyThink Wrote:Hello Nat3 welcome GS, you’re not in Kansas anymooore :biggrin:.....I'm sorry nat that was uncalled for:redface:

Even though I was expecting this joke, I laughed really hard at that. Roflmao

lol hey, as long as it is not Oklahoma:biggrin:, have you ever been there?.... And thanks everyone. =) and yea, my parents and friends are okay with me being gay, but not everything was okay, for a while I was depressed. Bt then with time I started to reflect on peoples reasons of why they might not like my sexual preference, rather than get angry at them for not understanding me... and I think I try to understand them, even if they don't do the same towards me. Thought my guy friends think I still have a *cure*...I flirt with them, I tell them they are my cure(Hey, it is better making them feel uncomfortable, no?Wink.

Hi and welcome to GS.

You were not ranting m8, good little intro. Hope to hear more from you.

Hello Nat3 and Welcome toGaySpeak... I liked that someone thought you were NOT IN KANSAS any more, and since you've been a Friend of Dorothy's (can't believe that Kevin learnt that phrase from me only a week ago!!!) since the ripe age of 8, you need to know that on GaySpeak you are not in Kansas but a citizen of the world (albeit of merry old England, n'est-ce pas, Andy?). Welcome aboard this ship of wisdom & nonsense, humour and seriousness combined.

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