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Hi, I am new to this site. I have known I was gay, since I was in 8...I think, I mean come on, who remembers when they were 8? But I do remember my first kiss, I was 9 and it was to a very handsome guy(I can't remember how old he was, I think he was 11. Faulty memory, what a shame....Somethings in life should never be forgotten). I came out to my parents and family in 2008, everything is better after I came out, nowadays, I can talk with my friends about everything...lol sometimes, they ask the most random questions. I am currently in college, and will major in Psychology. I think it will make if possible for me to better understand people, I don't consider myself nice(as I think everyone in life is selfish, we do stuff for our own advantage or rewards); however, my friends say I am the nicest person in the world. I'm unsure of what I was supposed to write in the introduction, hopefully, I did not go ranting about nonsense.

hi nate, wlecome to the forum =] you didn't rant at all, and i'm sure you could put your experiences and psych classes to good use in here from time to time!

Wow, psychology? I'm planning on studying that at college. I'm glad to hear that your life improved after you came out (I assume your family took it well?). And no, you didn't rant. lol

Hello Nat3 welcome GS, you’re not in Kansas anymooore :biggrin:.....I'm sorry nat that was uncalled for:redface:

Hey hey Nat3! You knew you were gay at 8? Wow, that's awesome! First kiss at 9? Cool! Well lets see, you're from a midwest state, you didn't recognize yourself being gay was a phase and/or immature and you're still gay to this day! I have a ton of respect for ya, dude! Stick to your guns and don't let anyone try to force you to be different and don't give in! I hope to read more of your posts in the future.

Hello - welcome to gayspeak Confusedmile:

welcome to the site Big Grin

Hi there! Congrats and welcome!!!

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Hello. Welcome Smile

TimmyThink Wrote:... you’re not in Kansas anymooore :biggrin:.....I'm sorry nat that was uncalled for:redface:
Wrong. It was absolutely called for Invasion

hehe, Hey Nat ^_^

welcome to the forums! you're allowed to speak nonsense here, it's almost encouraged

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