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Windows phone 7, will you get it?
I tried to used windows mobile 6. I'm not happy.
After that I use feature phone 1 year and now i use BADA(samsung wave) it made me happy , nice 3D game, and very high specification hardware.
But in few next month I think to buy Androide or maybe Iphone

i love my iphone 4 to much lol

princealbertofb Wrote:I just don't know what you are talking about.... Wink

LOL...me either. It took years just to convince me to get a cell phone and the compromise I made is the Go Phone..I pay for what I use...no plan...no internet...no pictures...no music...no TV or Movies...

I really enjoy using my senses in the real world to meet people and experience things....taste, smell, touch, sight, sound... and the pictures I see and the world I interact with I prefer to commit to memory...a cell phone is annoying and I have everyone trained not to call me unless they have a specific question I can answer in a minute or less because they will most likely be interrupting something more interesting :biggrin:

For those saying how bad the previous Windows Phones were and as a result won't be looking at Windows Phone 7: This is a complete reboot. There is nothing of the old phone left, they wrote everything from the ground up again.

That said, at the Windows Phone 7 conference I was at last week it was very obvious that this is still very much a version 1 product (despite the name) from Microsoft. Usually, when it comes to Microsoft, it is better to wait until about version 3.

Will I be getting one? Maybe. I am a .NET developer and it would be the easiest phone for me to develop for, however, I'm also very happy with my Android phone that I have just now.

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