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Windows phone 7, will you get it?
As some of you may know Microsoft is releasing Windows Phone 7 on the 11th of October over in the US. If you have seem the preview videos of the OS you will undoubtedly have been impressed by some of the novelty. It certainly looks like an impressive os. I personally will not be making the jump over to Mobile 7 for a number of reasons, i used to own on an old phone which had Windows Mobile software on it and it was dreadful, the software was ugly and unresponsive and it constantly crashed. Of course those were the pre-iOS and Android days but what ruined the Microsoft experience for me was that they never ever tried to innovate, never introduced something that consumers wanted to buy. When the iPhone came out it made the Windows mobile platform look like something put together in the 80's.

Microsoft recently held an iPhone funeral which made them look like complete morons but the irony here was that while they were holding a funeral for competing products the entire event was being recorded by an employee on....you guessed it, a HTC phone running Android.Rolleyes I personally will be sticking to my Android phone which I love very much, what about you?

I just don't know what you are talking about.... Wink

Only if it has a Super World Peace button.
(In other words, no.)
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

The idea of surfing the Internet & getting your E-Mail by using a mobile phone system sounds great. My only problem with this device is having to use such a small screen and key pad - my eyes are not what they used to be and my fingers have trouble with a full size key board (smile). However, it would be an excellent device to use when away from home or office.

I tried Windows Mobile and didn't really like it, the current phone I have right now uses a dead OS (UIQ3) but it does what I want it to do. So I'm not all that interested in this. And the only phone that I'd consider getting right now is an Android or Blackberry (but nowadays EVERYONE has a Blackberry).

hi hi

what will you be using the phone for? Win Ph7 has two main drawbacks, no copy and paste (if you are accustomed to messenger phones [nokia e series, iphones etc] this would probably be something you have used once, if not more than once), and as it hasnt launched yet, and is a new platform, there really arent that many non-m$ apps for it at the moment.

i'm abit techy, and in the past months CodeProject has been email members with snippets on how to use the platform, and if you look around from a developer's point of view, this WinPh7 OS is prett exciting (microsoft got something right for once!) so i would say alot of people (developers) would at least try out a thing or two (i've seen previews of media players already, and the rumour is there will be microsoft office 2010 mobile edition on WinPh7 phones) so you wouldn't lose out on productivity software, just all those other one off games and rare apps you may have (since youre running android which has a large base of apps)

other than that, WinPh7 has been really standing out, people have been shocked by the UI response, JGruber (an apple fanboy with high high UI standards) said it was shockingly good, much better performance from the phone he demoed versus his NexusOne. Now phones come in all budgets and surely he was given a demo phone that would be at the upper end of a persons budget, but he compared it and rated it higher than his nexus one, which is also at the upper end of persons budgets, so it could be a very good buy

overall, many people have been saying it is iphone quality in many areas, it doesnt have the cut and paste, it doesnt have multitasking (but only the latest iphones have that), it does have m$ behind it. oh and by release date users should be able to configure their homescreen with different tiles which is quite cool, and as some1 who has an iphone, i think the info-rich home screen offered by android and winph7 now is way better than just an app screen to launch diff apps.

jus my 2c on this

- haji

Don't really care about window anymore. Lost my trust in Microsoft products Big Grin
I am going to get a new phone soon. I was considering the Droid but I decided not to because it 's CDMA which is difficult to sell back in some markets. So the only 2 options left are the Iphone and BlackBerry. I am currently using a BB and happy with it. But I think I may go for Iphone since it 's just more stylish and fabulous !! Big Grin

hajime.saitou Wrote:hi hi

what will you be using the phone for? Win Ph7 has two main drawbacks, no copy and paste

[Image: r_u_srs.jpg]

I've actually heard of a lot of phones that don't have C+P though, I wonder what's the reason?

So a phone that will probably get viruses
have horrible support
cheaply made

naw im good ill stick with my droid

Is this the one that being integrated with Zune HD?

But to answer your question, nay. I'm still using a Nokia brick phone that refuses to die no matter what.

I'll probably buy a new cellphone in the future but nothing extravaganza like Iphone, HTC or alike. I just need a cellphone that can make and receive a call and also send text. That's all. I just need the basic stuff.

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