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Dirty talk online, too shy?
Hi everyone,

I recently got a really nice boyfriend I met online, which I haven't seen in real life (yet).. Everything's going great and I really feel like we have a connection. There's just one thing that's bugging me, and I really want to sort that out.

Whenever we see and "play" with each other on Skype, he starts talking dirty and basically tells me what he wants to do with me in full detail. I absolutely love this, and I want to do the same to him, but it's just not working.

We're talking in English, and since I'm german (and he's from Ireland), I think I have some troubles with that, even though I don't really have a problem with talking English normally. I just want to help him out because it seems like he really wants me to, and I want him to enjoy it as much as I do.

I think it's also partially because I'm pretty shy, and I've never done this before. He did.. Smile

Does anyone have any tips for this? What the best way is to get over this and all?


I'm hopeless at this. I just put it down to lack of imagination on my part :redface:

Go to a gay porn story website and read more to improve your vocabulary and imagination!

conechvn Wrote:Go to a gay porn story website and read more to improve your vocabulary and imagination!
Thanks for the advice, but my vocabulary is fairly reasonable and most of those stories are really quite poorly written :eek: Reading that is unlikely to make me feel more comfortable engaging in dirty talk.

I am not giving tip to you Big Grin My tip is for the OP.

If talking is not an option how 's about showing your body and start doing kinky thing in front of the wc for him?

conechvn Wrote:I am not giving tip to you Big Grin My tip is for the OP...

lol... But this is a serious issue, boys... I thought Conechvn's suggestion made sense to me... You do need some imagination. The brain IS the biggest sex organ anyway, so you need to turn ordinary words into words that take on a new meaning... Your imagination is important.

Pick up the phone and call each other and talk dirty on the phone, that way its alot more kinky and erotic and you can fix your problems on the phoneConfusedmile:

tips for talking dirty.... hmmmm

I'm not the best guy at this but I like to think I'm passable... god I hope so anyway.

Well, first you have to know the person, and by that I mean their interests; most guys like being told they're 'big' and such Rolleyes I think it's a balance of being complimentary and dirty, using your wits to kinda pick up on what they want. The real problem is when you sorta move into porno territory, which isn't really sexy for anyone.

I would say - think about your partner - what they normally ask of you, or want, what they admire about you... then make it pre-emptive, so you're playing on that strength. Other than that just tell him what you feel at that moment, if you're ready, you want him, even just describing your actions; all that basic stuff. I know it's awkward but as long as you don't overdo it and know your role it should be okay.

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