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Amsterdam is the Gay-bashing Capital of Europe
In some cases our governments must apply their laws more readily... and make it understood that that's the way it is. Of course all laws will come, after a while, to a time when they need to be challenged or changed. Otherwise we'd still be living in the dark ages.

Amen, thank you!

marshlander Wrote:You may be right, but Nigeria, Northern Ireland and Lebanon come to mind.

All three have religious groups fighting each other but have any of the religious fanatics actually attacked their opposing side's religious fanatics. In Ireland the UDA/UFF did kill several Catholic paramiltaries but this was with the collusion of the UK government (Stevens Enquiry).

Okay, I think I see the point you are making now. Is this not something to do with the clandestine nature of most of this strife though? Many inter-religious struggles take place within countries where they also have to operate below the radar of formal forces of law and order. Your point about the innocents being most likely to become casualties comes into play. They are soft targets.

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