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Can't determine myself, am I or not !
Hello guys. So, here is my biggest problem. i can't understand my sexuality. I need some help, if there is some signs or manual to recognize your self better ?

well, it all began when I started to notice myself and others as sexual characters, meaning my puberty age. There is one big issue with what I can't deal with it (yet). I don't like my body. I'm short, too I mean too hairy, weight is also over the necessary. well, to say shortly I have complexes about my body and after a time I started to notice that I really get excited when I see beautiful guy but not just beautiful but guy with body of my dreams (body of my dreams is a bit loud but still with body I'd like to have) I tried some gay porn and the result is the same I may watch porn with fireman and have no reaction (even might fill uncomfortable) but if there is a character with body I like I may even cum couple of times. to not act as freak str8, I should also mention that I cant sear that I like all the girls, I mean that I have friends that don't care about partner, bubs ? ass ? hole ? no STD ? we are having sex !!!
thats not my type of act, even being extra drunk I'm not having sex with one chance partner. (was it some kind of lyric side over?). So, I hope I was clear enough to deliver my problem to you guys and hope to here some advises from you.
One thing that I want to understand am I a gay or this reaction is because of my body complex ?

P.S. there was some incident in my childhood but I was too young (it's not bad uncle and drunk father just gay like incident Smile ). can that also to have some effect on my mental condition subconsciously ? I must to say that I am generally very clear minded person thing like my mom did not loved me and my I was abused in school does not bothers me. yes you may think that it is words said by all persons suffered in childhood but it is true I'm cold person. just fact that I cant deal with one thing like this am I gay or not drives me crazy. I just need to clear this for my self. I hate when I have some unclear stuff in my mind.

thank you for understanding and helping in advance. Confusedmile:

Unfortunately, I don't think anyone else is going to be able to answer this for you. Your sexual orientation is your business (unless, of course, you also have the kind of religious affliction that makes everyone else's sexual orientation your business too).

If you need a label for your own peace of mind, could you be satisfied with "questioning", "bi-curious" or even "fluid" until you can define where you stand more precisely? It does take some people a while to work out where they are in all this confusion.

I am quite sorry, I don't seem to grasp everything you're saying sufficiently. However, it seems you have a nice little opinion about self esteem, which could explain your (convenient) sexual attraction to men. If you watch gay porn and get sexually aroused by the HOT guy in the film, then yeah you are gay (joke), lol. But, seriously, gay, bi, straight... who cares? Are you happy?

I think if you really want to know whats going on with you and your sexuality ( and I don´t say whats wrong ! ) I would say that you should visit a sexual-therapist. Not because I think you have a problem but to see what you want. Why live with this questions if it isn´t necessary

If you are masturbating over gay porn then you are not completely straight, in my opinion. You may be curious, you may be bisexual, you may be gay and still be coming to terms with your sexuality... in any case you'll figure it out eventually.

With regards to the incidents in your childhood. I don't fully understand what you are saying. However, you cannot catch the gay. No one can make you gay. Society does try and make us straight tho' and your questioning could revolve around that issue (it certainly did for me).

I hope this helps, but as others have said, only you can ultimately determine your sexuality.

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Labels suck and it would be great if society thought the same way but they don't. You are 23 and don't need to rush to say what you may be or what you may not be. Just go with what feels good to you and everything will work itself out Wink

Go for pomosexual. Best label ever.

BiJane Wrote:Go for pomosexual. Best label ever.


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colinmackay Wrote:who-to-the-what-now?

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already did, this is what Wikipedia told me

Pomosexual is a portmanteau of the terms pomo (an abbreviation of postmodernism) and sexual; it is a neologism used to describe a person who avoids sexual orientation labels such as heterosexual and homosexual.[1] It is not to be confused with asexuality, which is a sexual orientation used to describe an individual who does not experience sexual attraction.[2]

So if i'm reading this right its a label or those who avoid labels, that's so so meta i don't think i can take itDisoriented

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