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hey folks
I'm new here so I figured I should say hello. So, hello! =)

I've really only recently come to terms with my sexuality (a slow process of a couple of years), and it certainly doesn't help that I've never been with anyone, male or female...but I'm pretty sure about it, looking back over the years.

I love music, being with good friends, and if I may say so, the herb. 1luvu

Well, I think that's enough for an introduction. =P

Hi Miles, welcome!

Hi and Welcome :-)

Hey Miles, welcome in!

Hey and Welcome to the site.

Hello and welcome! :]]]

Hey there! Niiiice! I can tell by your username that you're a Sonic fan AND Tails fan. I like that! I'm sure you'll find that special someone.

welcome to the site dude Big Grin


Wow, love the avatar!
And its nice to hear Tails' real name every so often.:biggrin:

Enjoy your time here!Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Hey Miles tails prowler extraordinnaire... welcome to the forums

I'm expecting Cutieboy to jump for joy and leap all over you, maybe Genersis too Smile sonic fans are growing

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