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Car crash
Unlucky dude :/ glad your ok though, could have been worse!

Marvinteck Wrote:doing while driving. In the future when the light turns green look both ways to make sure cross traffic is going to stop before you proceed into the intersection. You always have to

i cant see through cars -_- there was a guy turning left

i had my license for a week and my car...........

and its not drivable or worth the money to fix
the whole frame is bent. the side door wont open, the bumper is under the car, hood wont open or close

Genersis Wrote:You don't think they'd be complete A-holes and blame it on you do you?:frown:
ive got two wittnesses so i think im good

TuxSky Wrote:I'm sorry to hear about that, Snow. It's so unfair considering that it wasn't even your fault. Do you have insurance that'll cover the damages?
they will to an extent
the car was used and had alot of miles but worked amazing
so i wont get as much money as it was worth :'(

Look at the bright side, your carbon foot print will be smaller :/

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