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Car crash
then today after school i was like oh **** im tried i want a monster
so i go home get my car and bring my dog along for the ride
went to 7-11 then on my way back.
Stop at a red light
waiiiting..... turns green so i start going
THEN BAM hit on the side
this guy was going like 60
through a fking red light

[Image: 75526256.jpg]
[Image: img3672p.jpg]
[Image: img3673z.jpg]

side door dosnt open
whole frame is just ruined

heres the street outline on how it haPPEND [Image: dfjsjdfgdsg.png]

this is why i cant have nice things....

im only gona get like 900 from this
my car was worth way more and i loved it

so now i have
no car
no job (i was a delivery boy)
and loads of pain :frown:
all because some one didnt want to wait 20 seconds

Ah man... I've been in one car crash due to some idiot driver. It happened 3-4 years ago. I was waiting for someone to make a turn to the left and then the person hits me from behind. I didn't sustain any injuries, but the back of my car got wrecked.

Wow that sucks pretty hard Snow, but you still have all your fingers and toes so could have been worse rightConfusedmile:

I am glad you are OK Snow...everything else is replaceable.....you are not.

Ah sorry to hear about that, glad you are ok though - is the dog ok? Will you get nothing for whiplash?

Ayyyyy...too bad!! im happy ur okay! :]

Very sorry to hear about your misfortune, Snow. This sort of thing just reminds us how fragile we are even inside a hard shell like that. Hope your physical aches will subside quickly and leave no sequels. Also hope you'll get a lucky break somehow to find another job or replace that necessary car.
Good luck with all the above Bighug

My connection has not fully load your pics for me to see :-(, But I am breezin' you okay man!!! Get a good lawyer in case you have any latent injuries.

Sad to hear the news Snow, hope you and the dog are fine. Was the other driver insured? Get an insurance claim in and don't take any bull over being a young driver. Good luck m8.

thanks guys :]
and yeah the dog is fine just a little shaken up like me Tongue

worst part is i know the family that hit me
and my ex girlfriend was in the other car :/

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