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I have GOT to learn how to get Mama Cass om here these VIDS ARE GREAT



Thank you Prince

Wintereis Wrote:hmmm, I had never heard that song by Leadbelly before. Thank you for introducing me to it. However, it is not the same song as the one by Johny Cash. The common phrase in each of them, that which seems to be confusing you, is actually due to the fact that Leadbelly and Cash are quoting the same book, the Bible ...
Thanks, but you don't need to worry about me being confused Wink The musical similarities between Leadbelly's song and "The Man Comes Around" are too close to be coincidental, even if done unintentionally. Johnny Cash clearly used the rhythm and the lyrical idea, although he avoided using the melody by intoning the first line, as starting points for his song. The fact that he has gone on to make a much more complete working of the song by extending the verses and adding a balancing chorus to compose a substantially different finished product is down to his considerable skill as a songwriter and performer. Interestingly, this Wiki entry also refers to Leadbelly, but only goes as far as suggesting it is a "song of that name".

Had these two songs been recorded and released more recently (and had Leadbelly's financial circumstances been different) I would imagine the lawyers would have had to come to some kind of arrangement regarding acknowledgement of sources.

eastofeden Wrote:I love Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire and I became an Adam Lambert Fan when I saw him do it on AI...I think Cash would have approved...It is a great song...

princealbertofb Wrote:here you are Dave
or you might prefer this version
[YOUTUBE ]The Mamas and the Papas[/YOUTUBE]
Hey, boys, play the game, please. This is about singer-songwriters, not cover versions Cool

Sorry to be persnickety, but, the rhythm ("any regular recurring motion, symmetry") in Johny Cash's song is much faster than the rhythm in Leadbelly's version. The lyrical idea? I am not certain what you are referring to. Both of the lyrics have much to do with judgment, the last judgment. But, since they are dealing with the same subject matter, that is to be expected. But, as for your claim, it seems no more relevant to the originality of the work than as if someone had claimed Shakespeare had plagiarized Pyramus and Thisbe to make Romeo and Juliet . . . and there are far more similarities between Shakespeare's work and Ovid's than there is between Leadbelly's and Cash's. The musical styles, the rhythms, the melody, and, yes, the lyrics are rather too divergent for the song to be a cover.

Have we had any of father or son Buckley yet? I was playing a cd that came free with this (or last?) months Mojo while I was driving yesterday and was so surprised and delighted to hear this beautiful song again.

Morning Glory

I Woke Up - I couldn't be content with just one song


Loreena McKennit

The old ways

Dantes Prayer


Nothing like his father, but another formidable talent, another sad loss and early death.
Last Goodbye

Lover You Should Have Come Over


Reinhard Mey

Ü/UEber den Wolken // above the clouds


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