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weird relationship with friend! Help! Need advice!
ok so i have become very good friends with this guy. I am pretty attracted to him. I don't know if hes gay, bi straight, or whatever. He doesnt know if i am either. He often calls me and wants me to come over and hang out like everyday, like its a big part of his life. He told me once "i really like you alot" (in my mind he just likes me as a friend). He also has me try on his clothes and he said my butt looked really good in his jeans. He had me turn around twice so he could see! lol. He doesnt really maintain eyecontact with me. He always looks away. Also, when my arm is touching his or something, he doesnt pull away. I bent down to pick something up and he said "oh yeah suck my dick! oh yeah that felt good" and he made the motion... I made a snotty comment to him and he said "shut that mouth or i'll put my dick in it!" and "are you ready to suck my dick yet!". I am usually oblivious to this kind of thing and i dont know if he is serious or not. He wants me to come over like all the time. Do you think the feeling of attraction i have for him is mutual? How should i act on it? We are very close friends and i wouldn't want to damage our relationship.

From waaay too much personal experience, my advice would be don't get your hopes up. Apparently there are loadsa guys out there that think the concept of being gay is totally laughable and therefore think that joking about being gay is absolutely bloody hilarious. Could also be that he knows you're gay and wants to have a play around with that because he thinks you'll find it funny. So watch your back my friend. Don't spill your guts. I did and its one of the biggest regrets of my life.

I would go with Jay on this one and tell you to be cautious, but you could also try calling his bluff and next time he makes that kind of remark (suck my dick.. etc...) you might just say something like: "whip it out then!". See if he dares make the move. The whole thing might lose you a friend, but it might also just make you both more comfortable if he is gay too and is just testing the waters. Question is: did you try to pretend that you weren't interested when you made your snotty comment? Or did you find his "pornographic terms" unacceptable?

I have been told on plenty of occasions to suck a dick, bite a dick, eat a dick, eat a bag of dicks by all my straight friends. Your situation is more bit more intimate though he could be giving you a huge hint and sometimes a dick joke is just a dick joke.

What strikes me about your story is the part about him calling you over to try on his clothes, because in my 25 years of life none of my male friends ever asked me to try on there clothes and spin twice and I have definitely never got any butt complements. If I were looking for evidences of possible gayness it would be in that and not in the dick comments though they’re not helping matters.

Yes the clothes thing is most intriguing.... I remember that scene in Brokeback Mountain too (the shirts inside each other)

I'm going with Jay as well. Guys make jokes like that and think it's "funny" sadly, if you're gay it'd just confuse you. lol

So, be cautious and yet still look for things that could give you some signal about his sexuality. That clothes part is a bit out there but that doesn't make him gay.

Yup... that's not enough data.

Best way to know is coming out to him. Without necessarily telling you actually want to have his dick in your mouth, of course.

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