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Rychard the Lionheart Wrote:Doggy walking is also good, family pet or a neighbour's dog. the dog won't refuse the chance to go.

Also it's a surprisingly good way to meet people, guys even.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

it is hard lossing weihte becase if exersise is boring fr you and badfood is nicer . i done dancing becuse it is very fun .exersise. and i aloed one takeaway aweek onlyy and not to muchs sweets and crisps . and peple helped me.i use to weih 20stone i only 18stone 4pondes now.it is hard.

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I am pretty sure that the question being asked here was about motivation and not about the hows and whys of weight loss. Very few people are NOT aware of the basics about calorie intake and weight loss.

Motivation is a tricky beast. Often it can be put aside when something else presents its own, more appealing motivating factors, a bit like the cartoon image of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.

Having goals in mind and reaffirming and reminding yourself of your goals is a good way to help keep motivated. Think about your goal, how does it look, how does it feel, smell, sound - imagine everything about it and notice what stands out in that image. At time that you feel your motivation is lacking, or you feel motivated towards the opposite action you have to be self disciplined and take a moment to focus and see that image again. This can help with all kind of goals, not just weight loss.

Try and tackle your reluctance to go out as this will improve your self confidence and give you other areas of interest to focus on. If you cant feel safe in the immediate outdoors is there somewhere you can get to where you can feel safe? Challenge yourself, is the threat of yobs real or imagined? If its real, what contingencies can you make to protect yourself?

Good luck, and remember some days will be more of a challenge to your motivation, and when that happens start afresh the next day.


I am horribly undisciplined and always wanted to change that but I am 53 now and haven't had much luck so I learned to work with it LOL. I do own my own business and have supported myself using my own resources for so many years and I am unconventional about everything...that includes exercise and diet....so it can be done. I know this sounds weird but I wait to go to the gym every day now when there are programs I want to watch on TV that I can watch on the cardio machines and I usually spend 2 hours there because once I am there I have fun...

...when i was in my 20s/30s/40s I worked out regularly because I worked in a gay nightclub and you make alot more money if you have a sexy body:biggrin:...so that is what I did and it was my motivation...maybe get a job in a gay bar on the weekends?...it is great motivation even if you are not self motivated or disciplined naturally.

Don't go on a diet...you will probably not stay on it and even if you do lose weight you will gain it back when you end the diet....instead...change the way you eat but still eat stuff you like with a bit of moderation...eat a bit less...avoid fast foods/sugars...if you can lose one pound a week you will be doing great. Remember that a bit of weight training and replacing fat with muscle will help you lose weight because muscle burns calories even when you are sleeping.

You can meet your goals with little to no discipline...just find some kind of oddball motivations if the usual advice doesn't work for you...it can be done...I am proof!

Anonymous Wrote:I need to get motivated and actually start doing things.
I never go out.(self concious and scared of local yobs)
I never Exersise
I never eat healthy.(Picky eater/still live with parents who eat unhealthy)

I just want to become motivated enough to lose some weight.
I'm so unhealthy i'm suprised i'm not twice the size i am now....or even bed ridden.:frown:

What do i do?
Just ignore all my self concious thoughts and everything and just go outside and......run?
Or is there some kind of mental build up to this?
I just feel so trapped and....well...like i'll be fat forever.
I just want to be ok looking at least once before i kick the bucket.:frown:

Are you kidding? just go outside and run? You will kill yourself - it not literally then metaphorically. :eek:

No you need to set realistic baby steps.

Instead of looking at your whole diet and seeing that everything needs to change, do one thing - one teeny-tiny change today. If all you eat is fried foods and process foods, buy a bag of fruit and commit to eating at least one (just 1) piece of fruit with your big meals - eat that first, then eat the rest of your food until full.

Get out and run? No - but do get out and walk - be it to just the mail box and back, its a teeny-tiny step, a minor change.

Next week walk to the end of the block - or around the block each day. Set reasonable, small goals always pushing a little further.

Do not commit to a lifetime of change. No one can endure 'forever'. Instead commit to 'just for today'. Plan your day, not your life. Aim to make it through today doing 'something' good for yourself.

Its up to you. You CHOOSE to be a picky eater. I bet you hate broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and all of the good stuff and just love the fats and sweets. These are CHOICES.

No you do not have to deny yourself the fat and sugar foods, but do cut back on them, save them as treats as they were - at one point in human history, supposed to be.

You are in a circle of pain here, you refuse to go out because you look at yourself and say 'I'm fat and ugly' and you stay fat and ugly because you do not want to go out.

So let me set your first tiny goal.

I want YOU to GO to the local public library and check out this book:

Bodystat: How to Reset Your Fat Thermostat Permanently
Eric Witt (Author)
Carol Wirth (Author)

Buying a copy off the internet is cheating, go and get a copy from the public library. Walk, take a bus, walk in, get a library card if you don't have one, check the book out, carry it home and read it from cover to cover. I will let you judge if the authors make any sense about the human body and how it acts and reacts to food.

Take that first step.

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