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I need to get motivated and actually start doing things.
I never go out.(self concious and scared of local yobs)
I never Exersise
I never eat healthy.(Picky eater/still live with parents who eat unhealthy)

I just want to become motivated enough to lose some weight.
I'm so unhealthy i'm suprised i'm not twice the size i am now....or even bed ridden.:frown:

What do i do?
Just ignore all my self concious thoughts and everything and just go outside and......run?
Or is there some kind of mental build up to this?
I just feel so trapped and....well...like i'll be fat forever.
I just want to be ok looking at least once before i kick the bucket.:frown:

Oh man, I have been there. I've struggled with weight pretty much as soon as I was conscientious enough to be self-conscious about it. I was borderline anorexic (5'10 and around 130, down from 180 in just a few months) in high school until I got really sick, and was actually bed-ridden and eventually started binge eating. I ballooned to over 250 pounds. Then I moved to New York City and just the mere fact of me being on my own, not going to my parents all the time to eat, explore things, etc, made me lose a lot of weight - healthily this time. But then I got situated here and the old problem picked back up again. Now I constantly see-saw even though I am so much happier when I'm a healthy weight. I know I look good when I am, but I do get lazy every now and then, and then it's a snowball effect. Having a boyfriend and not always needing to impress has, unfortunately, exacerbated that.

My boyfriend likes to go out clubbing and we have very fit and attractive mutual friends, which is really what keeps my motivation up. You know, I can say from so much personal experience that the hard part is starting a routine. The easy part is sticking to it. I know some people say the opposite, but I don't think so. For me, I like to take a walk at nights - usually for around two hours. That's usually enough exercise. And when I start doing that on a regular basis, I find myself not eating as much just naturally. I know it can be tough to go out there and walk or run or whatever, thinking that everyone around is staring at you, but you just have to let that go. Focus on yourself. Imagine when people won't be staring at you anymore but instead checking you out. It can happen quicker than you think. Just set small goals for yourself. Say you won't eat any snacks between meals. Tell yourself to just go out and run for 15 minutes. Little things like this will start to build up your self confidence and before too long, the only thing you'll have to worry about is over-exerting yourself.

You can do it. I was lucky because I moved to a place where there's a lot of stuff to do and I just lost the weight without thinking about it. But whenever I do start to swell up again, the above things are what I do. Just believe in yourself. If you start today, in a week you'll be thanking yourself that you started a week ago. In a month you'll be really proud of yourself and confidence will just grow naturally. The hardest part is starting but once you commit to it, you'll be amazed at how naturally it becomes part of your day.

Many of us have been there at some stage in our lives, motivation is the key here. If you are really overweight, losing the pounds will help you to be healther and restore your self confidence. To shift the weight you need to reduce the calories by eating less and working off the fat stored in the body. Look at what you eat and drink, reduce the sugar in tea and coffee, cut out beer and wine. Have smaller portions of food during a meal, your body will get use to it. Don't snack between meals unless its fruit.
Find some interesting and safe places to walk or jog, don't need to run yet. Doggy walking is also good, family pet or a neighbour's dog. the dog won't refuse the chance to go. Weigh yourself every couple of days in the morning when you get up, when you start to lose the pounds it feels great. Some days you will lose or gain wieght, but the general trend will be downwards. First stone is easy, as you get closer to your normal weight it gets harder, fast diets might may you lose it quickly but its very easy to put it back on. Work on a plan and stick to it. Good luck.

If exercise is this difficult for you, then you should try easier forms of it. Don't start by expecting to run 1 or 2 miles three times a week. Instead just take a walk during a time of day that you like. Otherwise you might get discouraged way too soon.

One way I motivate myself to work out is that, many times, I feel much better about exercising during and after I have done it. Getting started is the hardest part. But you feel great after you have actually done it. It relieves stress as well.

I was too lazy to exercise as well. Just don't overexert yourself, if you can only exercise for 5 minutes it's no problem! Exercise for 5 minutes for a few days and you'll notice that you'll be able to go longer as the days go by. You just need to get into the routine of doing it and then it'll be natural.

Anonymous Wrote:I need to get motivated and actually start doing things.
I never go out.(self concious and scared of local yobs)
I never Exersise
I never eat healthy.

What do i do?

Sounds like me. My best advice start going for walks and not eating as much unhealthy food. I was consuming 5000 calories a day at one point but once I cut back the wieght started coming off.

you all sound so cool and easy SadSadSad I motivated my self couple of times. have reached weight i like but never ever been able to keep that weight ;(;(;(;(;(;( more important is how to keep that weight. as soon as I'm stopping to exercise (now I'm not allowed at all lol ) or stopping being on diet I'm starting to gain all that I have lost (I'd like to gain all other things that I have lost and with same frequency Big Grin ). is there any normal way to keep weight in constant condition ? +- 2 or 3 kg ?

If you take in more calories then you use up, the body stores the excess as FAT, ie you put on weight. Eating less or exercising more will reduce the FAT stored, ie lowering the weight. The trick is to work out a plan which achieves you staying at the desired weight. Sitting on your bum all day and eating junk food won't make you lose weight. Changing your diet by eating food with less fat content and moderate exercises will help. Its hard work to start but seeing the weight go should make you want to keep it off. Best time to diet is spriing time, ready for summer. Autumn leading into winter is the bad time. Due to the body naturally wants to store fat for the cold winter, like most animals do in the wild.

Sorry if this hurts but there is no easy way out.

ahh, that answer just makes me to commit with suicide Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin the only thing that I ever wanted was to be normal looking not even a good looking Big Grin and is only one thing that is almost impossible for me I'm the gourmet ;(;(;(;( why this two thing are unsuitable Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin looks like my destiny is 84~88

About how to be on diet, the best way to do is isolate yourself from food! Do something that keep you busy so you can not have meal. Like choose to work on the same time with lunch time so you can not eat lunch.

Feel like I am so lucky. I never gain weight no matter of how much calories I consume +___+ I am trying hard to gain weight actually ( probably 10 pounds more ) =__= anyone has a tips =__=?

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