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What do you guys do when your boyfriend is upset with you?
matty7 Wrote:... thats just the mood im in today i think haha ..... i better get to the gym to work it out
I think that is a good call, matty. Nothing to work out. Blackmail is nasty whatever form it takes. Having experienced many years of it prior to my present relationship I know it will never have a part of any relationship I'm in again.

He does tend to play the emotional blackmail card more often than I'd like...

I don't know. I guess I'll call him later today and see how he's feeling now

I just recently stopped apologizing to my boyfriend for things I don't feel at fault for. We've only had about 4 serious discussions (maybe you could call them disputes) in the year we've been together. In the latest one, I didn't apologize simply to make the problem go away. It felt so much better, and I felt like he really responded to that! I even got him to say he'll try harder at something in the future.

We ended up talking for a long time as I battled with myself to try and remain strong and defend what I originally came to talk to him about. I'm proud I didn't cave. Smile Right after our conversation we "hugged it out" which felt so good... For both of us I'm sure. Just standing there hugging and kissing. Ok I'll stop now ^_^.

I am a definite believer in a hug and a kiss to end an argument.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

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