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Meet someone from Grindr, should I?

[COLOR="Purple"]2582 feet away that’s a really specific number, I don’t know why that made me laugh..but it did.

Sorry I can’t really give advice on the whole trying to impress, cause I don’t really ever try to impress anyone. I can give you the basic, be yourself, stay confident and show up in a hot Sports car ya know the basics.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Well make sure you do the usual things for safety, like meeting in a public place and making sure someone is aware of where you are etc.

From experience, those on these services who are happy to converse through that medium for any length of time tend to be on the more genuine end of the spectrum.

Be yourself, dont *try* to impress, if he doesnt like the real you then he doesnt deserve you. Not sure if that helps though!?![/COLOR]

conechvn Wrote:So do you have any advice on how to be safe Sad What if he is a mass killer or rapist Sad? I am a smaller guy than him, I can swim fast, run ok, but I can not fight if I get locked in a room @@

The answer to that one is to only be with him in a public area until you have met him enough times to feel comfortable being in a 1-2-1 situation with him Confusedmile:

I second what juk says. Yes, public meeting place, Starbucks or whatever takes your fancy rather than a bar and probably best in daylight. Don't worry about impressing. You don't know that he's worth impressing yet! Be yourself, be polite, be friendly, be safe and maybe make a nice new friend.

Does the same distance show up on his pc as well? He already might know who you are and wants to develop the web relationship further, do you? Do some checking, as he resides not far from you. At school/college find out what type of guy he is, a good student or a bad boy. As suggested meet him in a public place for your own safety, you would not want any nasty surprises. Just be yourself and relax, good relationships are build on trust and honesty. Good luck with whatever you choose m8.

what the heck is a grindr>

I-heart-U Wrote:what the heck is a grindr>

Grindr is an application (or app) for iPhone, that allows you to see where other gay men looking for sex are in relation to you. It's like satellite navigation for hook-ups, on your phone! what a world...

conechvn Wrote:Yes, on Grindr he has the distance function too but I don't think he have seen me.
I am living in a college town with 45,000 students so it 's kind of difficult to search. I am new here so I don't really have any connection to dig any information. I created a fake facebook account to stalk him, but I need to add him first.

I told him that we can meet at the university swimming pool for a swimming section ( also to show off my swimming skills lol ) or a coffee shop near our house, or both.

It sounds like you're already getting worked up over it ^_^ but I understand... I'd just be repeating the same advice but- meet in a public place, dress AND smell nice without making too much effort (it;s all about balance) , think of some things to talk about. And just remember yourself - if you want to leave, do it. As it stands you don't owe him anything, and he shouldn't expect anything, although this is Grindr so you have to check his motives thoroughly. Also, keep your bullshit detector fully charged and ready.

Not entirely relevant, but wanted to just say that I believe Grindr is available on other phones too, not just the iphone (spit). There is currently a beta test of the app on Blackberry (the real smart phone :-) :tongue:

hey conechvan,

I've met a few guys off grindr. First off, that app is a hookup app and I think you should start there and expect only that from it. anything else would be outside the designated design of the app.

I would say just be yourself and don't try to cater to this person too much. if they like you cool, if not, then find another one. maybe he should be the one trying to impress u Wink

I actually met a guy for coffee on that app.. thinking it would be friendly, so i didn't really get dressed up or anything.. and the guy BLOCKED me. I'm like what the hell! hes like 'hey neighbor.' and i guess that means 'hey neighbor, we can talk as long as you're attractive to me.'

yeah that was really irritating. but i didn't take it personally.

Deep understanding/connection sounds nice but its a hookup app. people don't download it to be like 'oh maybe i can snag a boyfriend through this hookup app.' its more like 'oh maybe i can find someone to hookup with.'

Good luck. let us know how it goes!!!

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