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Letter To My Asshat Of A Brother
I sent the message via Facebook. In my message I cut right to the chase and didnt beat around the bush. He came over to talk to me about it. He blasted me right back saying everybody has problems. I conveyed anger and hurt in my message. He came back blasting me with anger and hurt. It was a very emotionally charge conversation. Both of us remained civil and our voices were at a appropriate level for conversing. I said what I needed to say and he said what he needed to say. We told each other we loved one another and hugged as good brothers should. Shook hands as well. Its water under the bridge now. Its refreshing to have such an honest and open relationship with him.

You're a brave soul mr. Marvinteck... and you've conveyed the struggles of many.

I'm glad you and your brother were able to come to some sort of understanding...

-Victor E.

Congratulations! It sounds like you have reached a point from which you can move on.

My friends and family still are clueless on how low I really was before I came out. My brother wanted to kick my ass for comparing his loss with what Im going through right now. He said its nothing close to what I am going through right now. Yet he has never had to deal with being gay with social phobia so bad he actually had his suicide planned out to the tee. He has never attempted to kill himself either which I have when I was 18. I dont think he will ever understand at this point. Im NOT suicidal now. It just ticks me off to no end he he failing to acknowledge how low I realy was.

I'm glad it's out in the open... Your brother has made a step forward by confronting you, he's managed to reach out to you again. Maybe he won't be so callous in the future.... I bet those words of yours concerning his loss will sow a few seeds of empathy in his head and heart. Hopefully...

Got things smoothed over with him. We talked some more and found some common ground. We are both hurting from our separate issues. We love each other.

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