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Hi Everybody...
...well, let's see"""""

My name is John. I just turned the big 6-0 last week. I don't look it, and I do not feel it.

I live alone, and I like that fine. I have a dog named "Boo" who is the love of my life. He's a Toy Poodle, but he thinks he's a Rottweiller!

I raise show pigeons as a hobby. I've had pigeons since 1964. They fascinate me to this day.

...and I love Geraldine Page.


Hey boobuddy! Congrats on turning 60! My father turned 66 a month ago. My friend's father turned 60 in April. Well I hope you enjoy the forum!

Hello. Welcome. Sixty will be my next ten-year milestone. Where did the time go?

I shall have to say that my next milestone will be 60 too, even though I'll have to let Marshlander precede me there... haha.
Hello and Welcome to GaySpeak, John, Boo's buddy. What made you want to join our community? What's your thing with Geraldine Page???

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