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Manly Men! and stereotypes
hey everyone,

so my car battery just died, and I opened the hood to look under. I might as well have been staring at an open-heart surgery patient for the amount of use it did! no loose wires, check... nothing exploding...check... nothing leaking.

The guy (unfortunately not hot) from recovery comes to help me out, undoes the battery inlets, shows me the liquid levels, explains the situation. I felt like such a yutz, it took him literally about 3 minutes to fix with a quick jump. Rolleyes

So I was wondering - how many of you would consider yourselves useful manly men, in the old 1950's stereotype sense? I suppose I'm asking for skills related to gender stereotypes. Can you wire a plug, fix a car, sort out your plumbing?

I know I'm pretty useless... but hey I make chocolate cakes and play guitar

I'm not that kind of man that enjoys cars sufficiently to go out of my way to know how everything works but I can do a certain number of things on cars... jump starting them is one of them, I've often helped a stranded colleague or friend. I know about levels in a car but I really don't like car business. I too can make a mean chocolate cake. To me that's more fun and enjoyable to share. I can do house jobs too, but I'm not really into DIY, so I'd sooner do it with someone like my dad, or my partner who knows what they are doing.

I am not in the same league as PA's father (so don't get that wrong), nor my own. PA's dad built the house he lives in and my dad is a bodger par excellence. Our dads (born four days apart) are both clever with their hands. I can wire plugs and solder my own cables, put up shelves, change tyres and have even plumbed in a new bath, but that doesn't mean I enjoy doing any of that stuff. I find it very tedious, but do it if I have to.

I´m a Home- and Garden-Gay.... But I know some Car-, Hardware- and Craft-Gay´s but I think this is a rare breed.....

I am in the middle somewhere...I can do most everything but I have a lack of interest for the most part...if I absolutely HAVE TO I am on it.....my lover really likes to fix stuff and work on stuff so I rarely have to anymore:biggrin:

I have to admit with cars I can change the tyres and top-up the oil and that's about it. I do however pride myself on being able to fix things around the house.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

fredv3b Wrote:I have to admit with cars I can change the tyres and top-up the oil and that's about it. I do however pride myself on being able to fix things around the house.

Isn't that what a décorateur does, honey??? (Can you tell I've been tainted by Dixie Wetsworth? Wink)

Ah, no. I'm not good at any handyman stuff, I might be able to manage doing some stuff but I'll just be really slow at it. And it depends on what we're talking about, if it's electronics then yeah but if it's anything that has to do with cars then I'm completely useless.

Oh, i'm useless on most fronts.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

conechvn Wrote:...And I suck cock if it counts for the unmanly part Wink
I'd have thought the contrary was true Rolleyes

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