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New here! =)
Welcome!!!!!!!! We are all big kids really Big Grin

Welcome Jesse, it's nice to have another Australian on the boards. I also second Vigilias's opinion that it's a shame to drop your education on account of other people's stupidity, but then again, whatever makes you comfortable... If you feel like it, you can pick up where you left off once you have some to terms with all this stuff... I'm sure you'll find some good support here too. Good on your mum!!! Confusedmile:

Welcome to the site Smile

Thank you all i feel very blessed to be here,I hope i get to talk to you guys in the chat room and get to learn more about you all, and thank you for the extra sopourt i feel really welcomed here and i just can't wait for more memoriable moments here xxx

Welcome to the site ^_^

Hello. Welcome Smile

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