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New here! =)
Hi! =) i'm jesse i'm a country boy at heart, i love to hike i love to go shoping with my mum, i'm a huge mummas boy and proud, since shes the only one who's been there for me since i've come out, sometimes you may see me as a child as i am only 16, i droped out of school this year cause of people making fun of me being gay, I love to meet new people, i'm a pretty loyal friend so yeah! Hi! =)

- Jesse

Welcome to the forum, Jesse! I hope ya enjoy this forum and stuff.

Awe thanks! =)

Welcome to the forum, Jesse! Hope you enjoy it here!

I've always wanted to hike but my friends aren't as enthusiastic about it as I am and I don't want to go up alone so I've never done it. LOL I hope to one day though!

Haha you could always take a family member, and thank you xx

welcome to the forum! find a school fast! (well, u know.... dont let other ppl dictate ur life and u getting an education)

Well i'm actaully entering tafe and taking a course in media, i do videos for youtube and well i think i could have a carrer in it, so that will help me if i can't get into any schools

and thanks so much for caring & welcoming xxxxx

Hey again!! :]]]]

Hi Jesse.

Blessed be, well met and welcome!

What a shame you had to abandon formal education because of a few gob-shites. I wish you every success in your chosen studies.

There's nothing wrong in my opinion in spending so much time with your mum. You lose your mum and you lose your best friend! My mum and I were separated in this side of life five years ago in circumstances that still and probably always will make me angry. Enjoy every moment you have together, she sounds fantastic... (Wanna sell her! LOL)

Once again, welcome to GS.

Hello Jesse and welcome
I have been to Australia when I was in the Navy wayyyy back in the 1980s lol.
i am fairly new here as well but I have made a few friends .

Blessed be and good luck to you

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