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dude hit on me
1st of all psting from iphone so dont be a ass & flame lolConfusedmile:Confusedmile:

im not a homo (srry if that isnt politicly correct man) but a fat dude hit on me a few days ago &ask if my butthole stretches. idk w/ that shit means but its crepy and idk if he was being literal of hitting on me or w.e so it kind of freaked me out. anyway thisll sound kind of faggy but i went home and tried it and i cant stretch much & i looked @ some pics and a lot of dudes can do it good

like i said im not gay so dont be hitting on me LOL thx guys

I can't imagine any circumstances under which a person could just go up to someone and say that. How very rude! I would find it creepy too.

I don't know why you think that exploring your body makes you "faggy" (not a nice word, by the way, "gay" might be better when you are writing to this group). Everybody explores, sometimes on their own and sometimes in company. Being gay involves having the capacity to love and be loved by another man. Having sex with a man is not necessarily the same thing.

Man if some dude came on to me like that, me and him might have to have words...the unfriendly kind.

uhhh wow i would be creeped out if some guy asked me that :/

He isn't hitting on you, that's just downright creepy. I mean, seriously.

I think this is a troll and therefore not worthy of my time or effort.

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