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You will laugh at me...
welcome and nuff said

hi and welcome - dont panic cos your fine Smile , nothing wrong with preffering a certain age group or body type at all m8 - im not suggesting u go lookin around the internet but there are websites just for big guys, older guys, skinny guys etc - you get the picture,,,we all have are tastes so your not alone

Thank you matty7 for saying what i could not think to say It IS a matter of taste not a fettish or a sickness or anything of the sort. we have been conditioned to only like the thin (twig) girls or the thin to buff men(narsasits) forgive the spelling. ever see a chubby modle? a fat superhero? NO you may be the only unprogramable person in here. To tell the truth i find the buff men are more into themselves than thier partner so go for it you are OK

welcome to the site

Uhm that's what turns you on and hey it's normal. There are plenty of guys who chase chubs/fat guys :/ Its nothing to laugh at. Everyone has their own thing that they are turned on by. I mean hey I get turned on by boxers lol

In the short time I've been here I don't recall ever seeing anyone post abuse at anyone else.

So you're into older guys than yourself. I hope you eventually find what you're looking for and that it works out for you. Don't expect it to right away though, often when there is a large age gap between two people there is a mutually beneficial arrangement going on and because of this you may find that the guys you are attracted to will be on their guard for a while. On the other hand, it isn't unheard of for older guys to take advantage of the lack of experience of someone in your position.

I found that as I got older, the age range that I was interested in shifted. When I was 15 the thought of anyone 24 years-old was far too old. Now I feel that anyone under 25 is too young for my tastes. It's odd but then I don't eat much red meat either... it's all a matter of personal preference.

You are 15, you have identified yourself as a Bisexual male. Meaning you know who you are sexually, and you know what you want sexually. That is most healthy... and there is NOTHING, wrong with that.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Of course there is nothing wrong with that!!! You don't choose what to like, and whatever you like is totally acceptable and right because it is a part of you!

DarkDaisuke Wrote:... hey I get turned on by boxers lol
I can truthfully say I have never been turned on by any breed of dog Rolleyes

Nothing wrong at all, other than the fact that, since you haven't reached the age of consent in your country, you might put your partner in trouble.

In fact, I wish everyone were like you so I could eat more haha

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