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You will laugh at me...
The Virgin Wrote:this!!!!
i never usually quote but this is just too awesome!!!

i feel so deeply honored Smile

I'm 20 and I'm attracted to the same kind of men.
i can't even picture myself with a young skinny guy lol, don't be ashamed by it..
be happy that there's alot of them out there Wink

There's actually sites (for adults) which are geared around gay chubby men, chubby chasers, bears, feeders and gainers. Nothing wrong with liking big men at all. I'm chub4chub myself (meaning I'm a chubby guy that likes other chubby guys).

There's sites like The Gay Chub, Chubm4mchub, Chubm4m, bigger city and so on and so forth which are geared towards chub on chaser relationships and chub on chub relationships. ^_^ You're perfectly fine and normal, so don't think anything of it.

i think you have something special in you that you're able to see the beauty in a big fat ass...

You're right, I am laughing at you, but only cuz you're being silly. Anyone who faults you for liking what you like is ridiculously immature. You can't help what you're drawn to, and there's nothing wrong with it or you at all, there are plenty of attractive older men and chubbies! So embrace yourself and let your freak flag fly! I happen to like guys with more meat on their bones too.

but as weird as it sounds, i'm a chubby man but i also fine, skinny men, as in super skinny like close to being malnourished....sexy

We all have our own desires....... Some of knows quite early what makes them hot...
Of course it might be something to do with father figure...
But it is your desire and will. If it is what You like there is no way to say no to you!

I like older men myself... even now when I´m older.....

We all have our own turn ons, we can't help it, if you like older chubby men then good for you,

Xo - Jesse Smile

Scared Wrote:I'm 15 and i like old/mature chubby men?!?......i dont know what the fuck is wrong with me, is there something wrong with me?
Please dont post abuse

Hello there,
There is nothing wrong with liking older guys. However only advice I would give is to fantasy about it until your 16... Pure reason being is if anything goes wrong i e your caught they could face a sexual offenders record for the fact you both consulted.. Guys who go for older often enjoy it because older guys generally can perform better not only in the bedroom but also out on the scene.. It bottles down to experience... In my experience of going with people between 18 and 50ish the older guys are more aware of life than the younger ones.. When your young is all about cok cock cock and drinking yaself stupid but after 30 alot of people settle down...
Loads of gay people also like chubby guys which when ive often asked people (living in gay capital of england) they give remarks too rude for this site's T&C'S.. Dont worry or freak out because everyone is different and unique in each and every special way. If we were all the same life would be really boring and loads of people would grow old sexually fustrated..

One thing i can say about this forum.... We dont judge anyone... Including those who want to make love to homosexual aliens from mars


kindest regards

Zeon x

zeon Wrote:...We dont judge anyone... Including those who want to make love to homosexual aliens from mars ...
Everyone knows all Martians are tri-sexual Roflmao

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