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Nintendo 64
I had an N64, it didn't get as much play as my PlayStation in fact i think i only had like 4 games for it. I didn't play my GameCube or DS either, I'm just not an Nintendo type of guy.


Nintendo 64 is my favorite system of Confusedmile:Confusedmile:ALL TIME!!Confusedmile:Confusedmile:

Now keep in mind, I only have an Xbox, which I got like three years ago some six years after the fact, and I only got my N64 in '03 when it came out in '95, so I tend to be behind in game systems.

For nearly five years of my life, N64 was my relaxation system. I don't even want to know how many hours I spent on there. But GoldenEye and Perfect Dark will be always be the best games EVER!! (or at least for console systems..)

Also, don't mean to brag and all that, but this is an N64 thread so I can't help it (well I can, but I'm not going to *grins*). I just happen to have one of the golden systems. I believe the made about 600 gold systems, 17000 purple systems, and the rest were black or gray. I also have two gold controllers. Sorry, just had to brag. It's not my most treasured item, but it's up there. It still works, though I have packed it away because I cannot have it and and not play obsessively....even now. My Xbox is out in my room and I never play it because I never want to even with it right there hooked up to the TV, but the N64........nah, it had to go away.

p.s. I am not dead mates, just an occasional poster *grins*

Still play mine every once in a while.
Its getting old, having trouble playing games when i first turn it on.:frown:
Someetimes takes 20 minutes of turning it on and off for it to work.

But i still love it.

Legend of zelda Ocarina of time/Majoras mask
Mario kart 64
Super Mario 64
Perfect Dark
Jet Force Gemini
Super Smash Bros
Lylat Wars(Star Fox 64)
Kirby and the Crystal Shards

To name but a few of its great games.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

I do remeber south park rally!,and @Tux Yeah really :p haha

I never played 64, and I'm an avid gamer! Starting with Sega Genesis, I picked one (the superior at the time) and stuck with that brand until it's death with Sega Dreamcast. My wife, though, still has her 64 and loves to play it to this day!

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