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The role Gay Porn Plays in my LIFE as it were!
:tongue: well here it is, i am 28 years old and have never had a male (gay or straight) friend, never been kissed, never been in a relationship, never been touched, never been loved or in love! I am unsure whether it is my personality or my physical appearance as to why men find me unattractive but I, like everyoneelse, have needs. If the whole of the male human race doesn't want anything to do with me romantically, that's fine, but I must find another OUTlet! I am a believer in PORN and advocate for it! I am not an addict and believe that if people are addicted or feel they are becoming addicted then they should STOP and GET HELP!!! Anyway I think porn is an amazing tool. Firstly, I didn't have a father how to teach me to be a man, so I look to the manliest of men in porn to teach me about my body and how to do things with it! I think it offers safe sex which is important in todays age-- whether you are alone or with a partner watching porn! No one ever got sick from a video unless you spent 7 days with that video and didn't eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom. After sexual activity fluids are important people, I know I'm a nurse ; P. I like it because as awful as the men I meet make me feel about myself, putting your mindset in the porno that the person loves you, thinks your sexy, etc is a boost to my self esteem. It is true and sad that I only can be loved/wanted by fictional characters, but beggars can't be choosers... and again I'll take what I can get. I have been rejected by almost every human being that I have come in contact with in one way or another, so I prefer to just live in my fantasy world where I am Loved/Respected/Wanted/Hott! At least in my mind, if not in reality, I can find some sense of happiness!!!

Funny I've watched porn....got off from it yes.....but it never thrilled me. I always came away with.....like....that was ok....i guess lol. Naw give me the real thing any day. If anything porn made me feel even more empty then I was. but different strokes (ha strokes:tongueSmile for different folks. Nothing against porn. but it was not really my bag.


Porn consumes us all. You are right, it is an avenue for fantastical personal ideals. However, I find it incapable of being sufficient as a substitute for human contact. I also find it, confounding, that you are rejected by everyone you meet. EVERYONE Really? I know that some people are simply unaware that they are being hit on, unless it is an overt gesture. Perhaps, you are one of these people who just needs more than subtleties. I don't know, I am merely, trying to come up with some reason why this is impossible. But, only he, who feels it, knows it. How about, I be your first REAL cyberspace friend? Have you had one of those yet?

Wow. *hugs to Dove*.
You sure as hell seem a very intelligent person, and this comes from your ability and willingness to let your mind wonder and imagine, as you describe above. Why anyone would reject such a beautiful mind is beyond me.

i guess if its all you got.. it'll have to do Wink

very insightful someone on facebook told me the same thing... the reason people don't "hit on me" is because the men that like me are too shy to confront me with their feelings... the people that do hit on me are I don't like back, so there has never been a mutual liking of each other to my knowledge!

p.s. I would love for you to be my cyber friend ; P

:biggrin: Wow! thanks for the wonderful comment and compliment! everyone says what a nice,kind,caring, hottie I am but doesn't want to spend time with me. I think maybe it is because i have a strong confident attitude that probably makes some people insecure... I don't know I have to rely on myself but that independence comes with a price.. you forget how to rely on other people. maybe i scare off potential bfs before anything has time to happen???

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