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or the North American Man/Boy Love Association North American Man/Boy Love Association - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Seriously how is this Organization allowed to operate an exist in the civilized world, I don’t know why we’re not Stonewalling there meetings with fire hoses and German Sheppards.

I officially and completely reject NAMBLA from my big gay rainbow, an from the reading I’ve been doing this the common consensus of like 100% of the gay community.

I had a big rant typed out but I scaled it back because it was like 75% rage and cursing but I think I can sum up my feelings in one word.


As an issue of free speech they should be allowed to operate.

If you can justify silencing their opinions, no matter how reprehensible, then there's nothing stopping the Christian right from silencing basic gay rights associations.

I agree that pedophilia is unacceptable, but free speech needs to be maintained.


Three times when I was bartending I refused to wait on someone..

The first was this guy who came in and started telling me about his necrophilia obsession and what he and his freaky friend did int he back of a hearse...I wanted to barf and I ended up screaming at him to get out!

The second was one day a guy showed me a photo and he was weird and I was annoyed by him because he gave me the chills up my spine and I did not know why he gave me the photo...he just walked in and ordered a beer and handed it to me without an explanation...I gave it back to him because I didn't "get it" and he began to explain to me that it was a photo of him and his dog having sex and would I like to see more...


The third was this Nambla "meeting" one day...talk about my skin crawling...they certainly didn't book a meeting and I do not approve of child molesting...I have seen the heartbreaking effects it has on adults and as an openly gay teen I had to put up with these guys (also got raped by two of them one day) and watch the effect they had on some of my friends as well. F*ck those people.

You really have to question why people would go to such an extent (forming an organisation, having meetings) to have man/boy lovin'. If you ask me, the phrase they use in their name "man/boy love" really concerns me!

I seriously question the mental health of these people if they actually DESIRE what is, effectivey, a child.

Why? Why would, say, a 20 year want a 14 year old? Why would a 30 year old want a 14 year old? A young, vulnerable, impressionable individual ; STILL IN SCHOOL ; with characteristics of immaturity, naivety ; very much in the early stages of understanding themselves and their connection to others and the world ; would not know how to properly function a mature relationship ; is still learning the basics of sex education at school ; is at the mercy of their hormones; still interested in running around playing playground games and having to complete their homework..........why would anyone in their right mind DESIRE this for a relationship or for sex? Let alone SET UP A "RIGHTS CHARITY" TO FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO ACTIVELY SEEK this?

If these people have the knowledge of how to set up an organisation/charity and run meetings and whatever in order to fight for what they believe in... then these are people who are old enough to know better.

Screw the rights of paedophiles. What matters is the rights of the very CHILDREN that this organisation seem to forget to acknowledge!

Man/boy LOVE?? LOVE??? What kind of love is this? It is selfish. Someone so young has yet to truly understand, appreciate and practice the meaning of Love. But this Love is not the love that these paedophiles are talking about. They insult the meaning of Love.

The only good NAMBLA is the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes.

On a more serious note, this organization is by one of the worst organizations ever. NAMBLA should not exist at all. Pedophilia is extremely horrible and I wish it was eradicated. What they call love is not love at all. I agree with Rikki, it is selfish.

I feel sorry for children who are victims of pedophiles. Pedophiles are sick individuals. What's the point in being a pedophile anyway? You know that these children will grow up and they'll become adults, that's if they live. I will never comprehend what is going on inside a pedo's mind.

For those pedos who do get to those children, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. They're taking away a lot of stuff from those children. Those children should be having lives like the other children who are not stuck with pedos.

In conclusion, the world does not need NAMBLA or any other pedophile organization for that matter. These pedos do get what's coming to them in the end.

You make it sound like being a pedophile is a choice. It is no more a choice than being gay, or straight.

I will admit my first reaction was to jump and bite but I really have no insight into this at all so I would rather listen...I have never heard anyone say this before so I am curious...why is this not a choice?

...and what exactly is the difference between a pedophile and a child molestor? I am not really sure but I am guessing from what you said one acts on it and the other doesn't? If I am wrong I would be curious to know the difference.

Esruc Wrote:...Pedophiles are sick individuals. What's the point in being a pedophile anyway?

You make it sound like being a pedophile is a choice. It is no more a choice than being gay, or straight.
And thats the sadest thing about it all.

A child CAN NOT LOVE in a relationship sense, nor will it stay a child, NOR is it sexually developed or capable and are extremely vunrable. This is what makes pedophilia wrong in my opinion. It just makes me sad that pedophiles don't have a choice about there oriantation, so we have to rely on them NEVER acting on their urges. Can any of you imagin never being able to be with someone to are attracted to?

And they say you can't make a gay guy straight and vice versa. So what CAN we do about pedophiles? Lock them all up? Let them run free?
I really feel sorry for them. But it IS wrong....i just don't know what can be done about it.....
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Esruc Wrote:I believe you, like most people, are confusing pedophiles with child molesters. They are not the same. Although some pedophiles do molest children, there are more who live normal, productive lives, never harming anyone. But you never hear about them, do you?

Hey, I support the right for NAMBLA to exist, and a thought is not a crime. Yet, that does not mean all thoughts are acceptable in and of themselves. Where do we draw the line of responsibility, are only actions choices? Pedophilia is unacceptable in that it needs to be addressed with counseling and deliberate prevention of the acts that follow from it. Are murderous intentions acceptable, are paranoid schizophrenics off their meds acceptable?

Pedophiles should not be demonized, at the same time, though, their attractions should not be affirmed.

On the other side of your argument, I think it is entirely irrelevant whether homosexuality is a choice or not. This focus on choice is a ridiculous waste of time, homosexuality doesn't harm people and involves consenting individuals, end of story.

OooWee, OrphanPip, you are a spitfire!!!

Quote:Yet, that does not mean all thoughts are acceptable in and of themselves. Where do we draw the line of responsibility, are only actions choices?

OrpahnPip, I am not certain which realm you have just entered, but would you seriously want someone punished for their thoughts. ALL thoughts ARE acceptable in and of themselves. These are thoughts, which are as harmless as homosexuality, which you deem here irrelevant. Unless, these thoughts are acted upon, they ARE harmless. I disagree that homosexuality here is irrelevant simply because, Homosexuality is a sexual proclivity, such as necrophilia, paedophilia, etc. All of these choices are vague in their origins (see the nature vs. nurture debate), and needs no justification. My only problem with certain sexual proclivities are when they take away choice from an individual. Bestiality, is quite bizarre as well But must also be acknowledged and validated as a sexual choice. We may not like it, but who are WE (homosexuals) to judge. What we must do is educate ourselves, truly try to understand the complex dynamic of sexualities and refrain from cruel and narrow judgements. We (homosexuals) are still labelled by many as the most vilest of things ever to grace this earth. But, education has taught many differently, except for the few who remain wilfully ignorant. Let's give them (paedophiles) the benefit of the doubt, that they are not ALL sadistic sexual predators.

Esruc Wrote:And you are right, homosexuality does not harm people. And neither does pedophilia. One's thoughts do no harm another person.

Yet, we must remove this from the land of ideal abstracts and think of it in practical terms. If someone suffers from a severe mental health disorder which makes them a potential danger to others, this should not be affirmed as merely a part of who they are, the issue has to be addressed in a way that prevents harm.

Reliable empirical data on paedophilia is hard to come by, as all we really have access to is convicted sex offenders. We can not be sure most paedophiles don't act on their desires, but how many people out there really never act on their desires in a moment of weakness.

Being a paedophile should not be a crime of itself, but it is dangerous to affirm such thoughts as if they were equivalent to desires that do not involve wanting to harm people. If someone has a persistent need to strangle blonde hookers, we wouldn't say that it was just the way they are as long as they haven't strangled any yet, I'd imagine we'd urge such people to seek immediate help. You want the paedophiles to be able to seek help without public stigma, but that's merely a pipe dream, and that is fine. That argument should not be couched in the same rhetoric of race and gay rights, the issues are not the same. The position of the paedophile is more equivalent to that of someone troubled with persistent violent tendencies. Choice is irrelevant, some people are merely dangerous and deserve to be stigmatized.

NAMBLA is particularly bad because it does not advocate for tolerance of paedophilia, but for the affirmation of paedophilic desires as socially legitimate.

All this though is merely an aside to the fact that in a liberal society we should tolerate free speech, and I still support the right for reprehensible organizations like NAMBLA to operate.

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