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F**k buddy - or love? How do I know ?
Hello guys,
I am Sundara.. would like to get some opinion from guys who have been in a situation like mine before. LOL. Its not a problematic scenario but I am just in a confusing state of mind..

Well, I'd been seeing this guy just for sex on a regular basis ..we have also shared some interesting conversations (pre and post sex) with each other although overall, I dont know this person to that level where I can totally say that I love him but probably I m starting to show feelings for him.

I have had f**k buddies before but they were like not regular ..probably one night stands or a couple of times . I dont know if I want to fall in love again. I'd been in an emotional situation before and I dont want to fall into such situations although if I get a signal from him that he is also interested in a way more than f**k buddy, it would be interesting. How can I find out what he is looking for in this relationship? I dont want to lose the regular physical sessions by telling him something like this and scaring him away. LOL. Please do suggest me some tips Big Grin

I 've also been ignoring other guys who have messaged me on dating sites for dating and sex. Should I go ahead and date (reasonably) like I used to before or wait for my regular guy to show me a signal. LOL

hello and welcome to the GS

as for your situation talk to him be honest tell him what you said here you have feelings starting but you do not want to stop the sex he will either say ok thank you for being honest or not.

If you do not take a chance love may pass you by and so may your life

I have been in a similar situation once with this one guy in particular and been on the receiving end with a few others...f*ck buddies...

My favorite f*ck buddy was this guy who was a contractor and I met him while he was supervising his crew and building a hotel nearby...I saw him at his jobsite and he followed me to the bar when I opened...five minutes later we were on top of the bar...on the barstool...the floor (damn...he was hot and so much fun and quite a nasty boy:biggrinSmile...and we began a total lust fuck buddy relationship that went on for a couple of years and we really LIKED each other as acquaintance style friends and one day I was thinking since we were f*cking 2-4 times a week that maybe we should date or something:confused: because he was really sexy and I liked him alot and the sex was great...and so I brought it up...we looked at each other and almost instantly both of us said...nah...lets just f*ck.

I gave up all my f*ck buddies when I met my lover and I know it was the right thing to do...just stay f*ck buddies...it was what it was and it was fun...I wouldn't change a thing and glad I didn't at the time because I think I would have missed out on some great sex if I had.

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