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Floating Around In The Lost Souls Room; wait You Found Me!
Hello potential friends, I'm Erick W. Masters. 28 y/o. White. Male. 240 lbs. & working on it! I would enjoy working out a lot better if I had someone to go to the gym with, aka don't want to do it all by myself! I know I'm big, but not all fat; people say I'm stout as a bull, so very muscular and strong. Plus it's PHAT (Pretty Hot and Thick) ; ) Gay (of course)! OUT to those that matter! I don't broadcast my personal business!!! My belief is that if you ask me, I'll tell you NO just because a stupid question deserves a stupid answer! I have been "SPECIAL" since birth. There was never any denying who and what I was! Depending on how well you know me determines which personality traits you come to know of me, if you so choose to know me at all, I mean! I am a total Queen on the inside, but I have it "under control" in situations in which it is uncalled for. And on the outside a big hairy BEAR, mountain man/country cowboy! I am a Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurse. I specialize in GeriPsych = mentally unstable elderly people! I have been a nurse for eight years, starting at a State School and now working in Long Term Care = Nursing Home! Born: Memphis, TN. I lived there until I was 16 aka 1999. Home Life = Detached Grandparents, crazy cousin, out of touch Aunt, sister who lives in the clouds, and an abusive/alcoholic/life altering mother and father! I then moved to Hattiesburg, MS to let my grandmother be next to her KIN before her death! Lived there until 2005 and right before hurricane Katrina moved to Arlington, TX in the DFW Metroplex. I'm a virgin only because I'm from the Old South and too high a moral code (before I get hate mail, I am not being on a pedastle, I don't think anything of myself/muchless that I am better than anyone-- I don't judge you so please return the favor)! I'm interested in meeting friends... but I would LOVE to find a LTR if the right "MAN" (and I do mean man, in the words of Destiny's Child--"I need a soldier") comes along!!! I'm an OLD soul, so not really into the club/bar scene but will go with the right people, especially to a show/special event! I don't have any close people in my life that want to have anything to do with me, so I'm very lonely! I'm a hard worker/good listener/and good friend, not to toot my own horn! I like to go out and eat/movies/concerts/plays anything really to get me out of the house! I have two children-- don't get too excited two Laborador Retrievers black and chocolate. They are brother and sister and 1 1/2 y/o. I work at night... so if it takes me a while to respond don't lose your cool, my hours are just backwards from "normal people"! If you STOP by to view my profile and want to know more about me please just ask!!! May the Lord Bless and Keep you! XOXOXO 0 ; )

welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here

Welcome to Gs i know you will make friends here i have and i love this sight i think you will too

Your post is spookily similar to this:
Peaceful Being LQQking for other Peaceful People... if there are any out there! - GaySpeak Gay Forums | Message Board | Chat

EVEN the same name.
Hope it is just pure coincidence.Rolleyes

What made you change accounts LoneSomeDove?
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

actually it is not the same in fact as i have changed it! i deleted my previous profile due to hateful people, but a friend i made on here wanted me to come back, so new profile

DarkLady2182 Wrote:actually it is not the same in fact as i have changed it! i deleted my previous profile due to hateful people, but a friend i made on here wanted me to come back, so new profile
Hmmm, don't think i've ever seen anyone on here be hateful.
Asertive, maybe.
But welcome back anyway.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

thanks kind sir, glad to be here, if only to talk to those who are friendly

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