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Metal anyone?
Not much of a metal fan, but I do have a ticket to go and see Lemmy's old band, Hawkwind, in a couple of weeks.

I have a hard time with metal these days. When I was growing up I was listening to stuff like W.A.S.P and Queensryche. But that stuff seems to corny and trad now. I think metal is more guilty than any other of producing what they think will impress peopel ratehr than being original and writing truly what they feel. When I have heard metal recently the lyrics have been appauling. Also a LOT of heavy metal bands tend to do 5 albums of the same shit.

Having said that I know nothing of modearn heavy metal.

I do have some metal I really love, I am a big NIN fan, I love Seventh Son of a Seventh Son by Iron Maiden and I love a lot of metallica stuff but that stops after the black album, I have not listed to anything they did after that. I was geting into Queen Adreena a couple of years back but my pc blew up and I lost it all.

I would like some more metal but I like dark/wierd/melancholy music and I like textures and atmospheres in songs, thrashing out bad lyrics to bog standard guitar bass drums does not do it for me.

just deciding with mates which metal/rock festival to go to next year, either Download or Sonisphere....
we always go to Download for 5 days in all and have a great time but i guess it depends on bands playing, Sonisphere have annouced Slipknot as a headliner and we all like them - last year we saw awesome bands like Aerosmith for first time, AcDc, motorhead, slash...i could go on - great festival and near perfect sunny weather until a downpour durin stone temple pilots

Download. I've read about Download and the bands that perform there. I think one year Cannibal Corpse and/or Amon Amarth performed at Download. If I'm not mistaken, there were a few other death metal bands performed there.

Download used to be called The Monsters Of Rock festival then the they had a name change, loads of types of bands are there - suicidal tendencies were on last year - awesome

Niiice, I like Suicidal Tendencies. I have all of their albums.

So wanted to go to sonisphere this year mainly because of Rammstein! Shamefully i was on holiday so had to sell my ticket :frown:

yeah im a big rammstein fan too - got loads of dvds with them in concert , prob one of the few bands i love that i havnt seen yet, their live show is nuts

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