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Welcome to GS communtiy lots of friendly peeps on here

Welcome to our Vietnamese friends here, of which there are more and more it seems. The site must be well rated in Vietnam.
Hope you enjoy your stay here...
How do you say "Hello, Welcome" in Vietnamese?

hey, i'm vietnamese, i added your yahoo ^.^ i'm live in pennsylvania,nice to meet u

@Princ.: we said it "Chao" Big Grin or " Xin Chao"

Hey , welcome to g,s. What part of Vietnam are you from ? I went there a few years ago , toured the country

hi guys,
i am vietnamese too. nice to meet u ^^
yh id: namanh1006

VNese alot here! me 2,....nice to meet u all!!!

Aeon Beelife Wrote:I don't know if it's ok to name this topic "Vietnamese...".
Although I'm Vietnamese, I also want to be friend with everyone here, from all over the world.

My world is small and complicated, but I believe that I can change my own life, begin from here...
Please give me some advices if you want to. My yahoo nickname is pinpontbs

Thank you for noticing me.
Best wishes for you.
Aeon ... Are you from TX forum ?

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