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So Confused
Hello, I have been confused about my sexual orientation for a few years now. I had a relationship with a girl for 4 months. I broke up with her because I didn't feel anything. I thought that if I had a girlfriend, then these gay thoughts would go away. But they didn't. I still liked making out with her and I, you know....got an erection and stuff :redface: but I never felt emotionally attracted to her.

Ever since I was young, I didn't like what the other guys liked. I liked playing house, not tag. I liked dressing up and I hated sports. As I grew older, I liked things like theatre and singing, artsy stuff. But I also have had emotional feelings for girls, but not like that of guys. And because I was raised in a Catholic background, I was taught homosexuality was wrong (by the church, my parents let me be who i was). Now i see there is nothing wrong with a committed homosexual relationship. I love women, so I don't know if I'm gay or bisexual.

I'm so confused...



I think the best way is to stay cool... take your time to learn about you... what you want, what you need. Its not important to find out very fast are you gay or bisexual.... find your own way to be yourself. It´s nothing wrong in both ways .. in being gay or bisexual... the most important thing is to be happily... and that you can be at best by learning about yourself :-)

I second what Fenris has just written. I would only add that it may be a good idea not to make any difficult-to-reverse decisions until you are a bit more confident of where you are heading (e.g. probably best not to get married or have children yet!!).

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