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Meditation, Chants, Mantras, Folk, Healing, Peace - Music




fenris Wrote:The Fureys - Green Fields of France

I'd not heard this before. It made me cry.

Will we ever learn? Cry

electricmonk Wrote:I'd not heard this before. It made me cry.

Will we ever learn? Cry

I like this song, too.

Will we learn ... I honestly think NO ... as long as we make differences between good and bad wars, don´t see that a war is not a solution only the start of a desaster. As long as we think to die at a battle field is a honour... we can´t learn.
And what we learn are only small steps.... like collecting bones of WW1 / WW2 Soldiers without separation in friend or enemy.... and to bury them in the same graves.



just because it´s so great :-)





corvus Corax

O varium fortune lubricum
Dans dubium tribunal iudicum,
Non modicum paras huic premium,
Quem colere tua vult gratia.

Et petere rote sublimia,
Dans dubia tamen, prepostere
De stercore pauperem erigens,
de rhetore consulem eligens.

Edificat Fortuna diruit;
Nunc abdicat quos prius coluit;

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