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New to the site, and in search of certain people
Glock30 Wrote:... if i can drop a 2000lbs bear at 110 yards, i can drop a 200lbs human being at 20ft ...
Why would you need to do either?

hi Glock,

appreciate the situation here, that can't be easy. I used to be into guns when I was much younger but my family and environment pretty much made the whole thing impossible so I joined cadets aged about 14.

We got to fire the now defunct SA-22 rifles that were used (and broke) in the gulf war, learnt basic maintenance and safety which I passed with trouble due to being left handed with right-cocking guns. Only other thing was a .22 rifle I forget the model of, an old lever-action Davy Crockett type thing that no one in modern service would use, but it showed the basics, was low powered and easy to teach young people with.

I gotta admit it was fun, despite being a terrible shot :redface: got my ass kicked for trying to take empty shell casings home from the range

Hi Glock tho i do not own a gun at this time i have fired some of the biggest guns in the world.
16 inch on the Battle ship Missouri not to mention the Fa-links and in my younger days did some hunting as well.
welcome and hope you like it here

I wouldn’t say I’m into guns, but they play a role in my life. Almost very movie I own has gun play in it, almost of every videogame I play has gun play in it, so I have shot a lot of guns….in the virtual online gaming world anyway.

I also a have a 192 page gun encyclopaedia titled The Weapons Locker. I bought it a few years back, because sometimes I draw and sometimes I need to draw a gun so I got the book for reference. It’s been quite helpful over time, it’s has a picture an a paragraph or two for every gun a basic 9.mm to 50.cals to mini-guns and the back of is full of gunny terms like…muzzle break. The book as been a very useful if I ever need some gunny babble.

Anyway welcome Glock even if you can`t find a particular type of person you should stick around anyway cause…why not right.

Glock30 Wrote:...how to start, I'm not new to the whole forum thing, but I am new to this site, the reason I am here is because I want to meet other GLBT gun owners, not necessarily meet in person or anything. Its just that I'm having a hard time excepting that I'm the only gay gun owner I know. I belong to four other forums (two firearm related), where if you mention a "gay topic" you'll be put on blast by everybody there. I grew up around firearms and spent 90 percent of my teens out hunting/shooting/skeet; I didn't even get into dating or sex until my 20's. So they're a big part of who I am and I'm just curious if there is any gun owners on this site that I could shoot the shit with. Reason being, the past two relationships that I had with men ended because they were too freaked out that owned a gun and went shooting on a monthly basis.

LOL it's kinda funny, I hang out with two different groups of friends and it seems that I can't really be myself around either of them. The gun owners are homophobes, and most of my gay friends are anti-gun. So in short if there are no GLBT gun owners here I'll probably just ask that my account be deleted and move on to a different forum. (I'm not asking anyone to go out and buy a gun on my account, or join some crazy militia or anything like that, I like guns yes, but I'm not fanatical about them like some people are)

Is it warm guns that you like Wink ?
John Lennon is quoted as saying "Happiness is a warm gun".
I'll happily listen if you tell me what the attraction is.

Glock30 Wrote:draw backs, it'll kill the intruder and probably go through him, your wall, and kill your neighbor and god help you if your not wearing ear protection.

damn right!

i'm was not a gun person in real life, they bring way more harm than good in my crime riddled country, but i've been looking at getting something serious (my rents 'were held up at gunpoint in May this year, car, wallet etc stolen)

wats the process for ownership in ur state? down here, if you're doing it legally, its a frigged up annoyinggly slow bitched up process.

I'm not really sure why I'm attracted to firearms so much i just am, it's like how some people are really attracted to playing video games, or playing sports (why would someone want to be able to bench 400lbs easy), or going to clubs, driving fast cars. its just what I'm into. It was part of growing up for me, I'm originally from Muskegon, Mi. where owning a gun was the social norm, and if you didn't like guns you were consider'd the outcast, the weirdo so to speak. I've always been fascinated by them how they work and all, and not just the newer more tactical ones but older ones too. I got two muzzle loaders, old school single action revolvers, a little bit from each era really. Then I moved to Chicago for a better paying job and everything kinda changed, changed in the sense that they got some of the most restrictive gun laws in Illinois (not to mention the highest sales tax in the nation).

Also thank you for so much support, this is my ...8th forum I've been to in search of other gay gun owners (apparently we either don't exist or are on the brink of extinction) most of which have been less than welcoming to gun owners (yet they preached equality and acceptance, total hypocrites)

As for getting a gun in Illinois I wouldn't recommend it, if you live here fine. However, I own a house in Michigan, and getting a gun there is fairly simple. You take a firearm safety course, get your permit and a concealed carry license if you want and that's it. You go into a gun shop and by a gun no waiting period. Then you just register it with the state.

I don't go hunting as much I used to, for me I'm content with just shooting at nothing, but I'll set up targets for practice. As for a "warm gun" can't say I've ever heard that expression before, but if your talking about being with a man than yes I've been there too, I'm bi lol the best is when I tell guys I'm a bottom cause they don't believe I'm bi, hell even the guys I've been with couldn't believe I was bi just because I don't fit into societies definition of some who is GLBT, they find it pretty unbelievable.

kudos to TimmyThink for the laughing man logo, GITS is a damn good anime.

I think I addressed everything, if not I'll just post again, or just drop me a line on my wall, also would anyone find it offensive if I put up a few pics of my guns or anything, I might stick around for a bit

1 other thing that I found to be humorous yet appalling at the same time. I was exploring the site the other day and ended up in the chatroom and found that the word F@#K was censored, but all the other cuss words weren't (WTF). Seriously? what gives, someone can't say F**K but they can drop the F@G word all day long. Just curious, not sure if this is already being addressed or is a work in progress.

Glock30 Wrote:1 other thing that I found to be humorous yet appalling at the same time. I was exploring the site the other day and ended up in the chatroom and found that the word F@#K was censored, but all the other cuss words weren't (WTF). Seriously? what gives, someone can't say F**K but they can drop the F@G word all day long. Just curious, not sure if this is already being addressed or is a work in progress.
It's a bit of an anomaly. When Andy redesigned the site he put in some restrictions (or maybe they were the default settings on the program he used) and we would have really stupid censorship in the main forum as well as the chat room (eg cir@*!stance, or Hitchc@*! etc). At our request he changed those settings. I don't know what the situation is in the chat room. If it bothers you you could try writing to him.

Anyway, in the words of Hugh Grant,
" ... Fuck it!





Fuckity fuck!


Hello, Charles."

Lol, Marshlander, I didn't know you could swear so solidly... for 6-7 sentences

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