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New to the site, and in search of certain people
...how to start, I'm not new to the whole forum thing, but I am new to this site, the reason I am here is because I want to meet other GLBT gun owners, not necessarily meet in person or anything. Its just that I'm having a hard time excepting that I'm the only gay gun owner I know. I belong to four other forums (two firearm related), where if you mention a "gay topic" you'll be put on blast by everybody there. I grew up around firearms and spent 90 percent of my teens out hunting/shooting/skeet; I didn't even get into dating or sex until my 20's. So they're a big part of who I am and I'm just curious if there is any gun owners on this site that I could shoot the shit with. Reason being, the past two relationships that I had with men ended because they were too freaked out that owned a gun and went shooting on a monthly basis.

LOL it's kinda funny, I hang out with two different groups of friends and it seems that I can't really be myself around either of them. The gun owners are homophobes, and most of my gay friends are anti-gun. So in short if there are no GLBT gun owners here I'll probably just ask that my account be deleted and move on to a different forum. (I'm not asking anyone to go out and buy a gun on my account, or join some crazy militia or anything like that, I like guns yes, but I'm not fanatical about them like some people are)

I currently do not own any guns, but I am interested. I may get my license and buy one sometime in the future when I have enough money.

they aren't that expensive depending on what your looking for

I don't really know what I am looking for. I do not know much about guns, actually. Just something for basic home protection. What would you suggest?

Hope you find who/what you're looking for. I don't know jack about guns, only been to shooting ranges a handful of times, but I wouldn't be the least bit freaked out about being with someone who owns them and goes shooting. Kinda can't afford to be freaked out here in the South, because everyone's packing. =P

Esruc Wrote:I don't really know what I am looking for. I do not know much about guns, actually. Just something for basic home protection. What would you suggest?

For a new shooter, a 9mm, probably a glock, smith&wesson, or berretta there easy to shoot and maintain then its do you want a full size (15+ rounds in a mag) or compact (10-13), if you want something with a little more kick a 12gauge pump shotgun, or in my opinion a Marlin .45-70 its a 7 round lever action rifle and if i can drop a 2000lbs bear at 110 yards, i can drop a 200lbs human being at 20ft. draw backs, it'll kill the intruder and probably go through him, your wall, and kill your neighbor and god help you if your not wearing ear protection.

Im not anti-gun I just dont like hunting animals lol I shot a deer with my father but ever taken up another gun since then its be interesting to do I think with spare time if I had someone else but I dont like doing new things alone lol

I shot a child with my father

Not exactly your typical father/son bonding moment.

Hey there! Awesome introduction post. Believe it or not people, I happen to be into guns (to a certain extent) and I'm thinking about license for a gun in the future. Maybe, I'm not sure 100% sure on that. I've never shot a real gun before, I have shot a pellet gun before.

My dad's family was big into guns. My grandma thought it was a good idea to hang up 5 shotguns along with two giant deer heads in the room where us 5 little kids were supposed to sleep over christmas. :|

A strange place, western New York is.

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